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Guardian Angels answer questions 3

Welcome back to another part of “Guardian Angels answer questions”. Again I have the same two Guardian Angels with me that answered our questions previously. And we will continue to provide you with answers.

Me: “Thank you so much for being back with me to answer more questions about Guardian Angels.”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2: “You’re very welcome. Let’s dive in.”

Me: “Do Guardian Angels know my Soul plan?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Yes, they do. Guardian Angels know your Soul plan and guide you accordingly. You might not know sometimes why you feel pulled to do certain things or connect with certain people, but you can be sure that your Guardian Angels do.”

“They will help you along your path and guide you. Which is why it’s important to listen to your intuition, your feelings with which they guide you. You will feel their guidance strongly when you work with them regularly. Also you can talk to them, discuss certain issues or questions. That helps to strengthen your bond and you will more easily hear, feel, see or know their guidance.”

Me: “Who decides which Guardian Angel comes to which person?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“That decision has been made before a soul’s first incarnation ever. So for most people or souls that was a long long time ago. The decision was made by God, the Soul and the Guardian Angels who applied for the job. And probably other guides as well.”

Me: “When do Guardian Angels come to us?
How long do they stay?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“As we said the main Guardian Angels come to a Soul before its first incarnation, whether that is on Earth or on any other planet. When people work closely with their Guardian Angels or are assigned a certain project by God and the Angels, often more Guardian Angels will come and gather around them to guide and support them. They may leave again when the task is finished, but they don’t have to. The main Guardian Angels though never leave a Soul. They stay with it forever as long as the Soul exists through all incarnations whereever they are and inbetween incarnations when the Soul is in the Spirit world.”

Me: “How can Guardian Angels help me to make my life easier?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Uh. That’s not actually their job. And who said life would be easy or is supposed to be easy anyway. ? That’s human thinking. You are here to grow and learn and make experiences and of course to have fun on the way.”

“But what you probably mean is something different. You could perceive your life to be easier when you feel more connected and guided. That of course is possible. But it doesn’t depend on the Guardian Angels. It depends on you.”

“If you talk to your Guardian Angels every day and ask them to guide you, they will do that and be happy that you are communicating with them. If you then listen and are aware of the signs they give you and the guidance you receive from them and even acknowledge them by saying “Thank you” or asking whether you understand a certain sign right, then you get into a close dialogue with them. And the more you interact, the easier it will be for them to give you signs and for you to notice and understand them. It’s like learning a new language. The more you practise, the better you get. And in this case the more connected you feel and the easier your life can feel, because you feel guided all the time. But actually you have only trained yourself to be more aware and established a more personal connection with your Guardian Angels.”

Me: “What is their task anyway?
And who assigned it to them?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Our task as Guardian Angels is primarily to guide a Soul according to their Soul Plan and to the experiences that Soul has chosen in any given lifetime and also inbetween lifetimes. That involves guiding them to people, places, resources and certain events. We also connect people with each other by working together with other people’s Guardian Angels. And yes, our task is also to intervene in life threatening situations when the Soul is not yet meant to leave its current incarnation.”

“Those tasks where once assigned to us by God.”

Me: “Are Guardian Angels mad when I mess things up?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“??? That’s a very human question. ? No, they are not mad. They might literally roll their eyes, if you make the same kind of mistake several times. But then there are no mistakes really and the Soul is here to make experiences. So if it needs repeating, your Guardian Angels will still support you and love you.”

“They are your cheerleaders. They love you no matter what you do. They will never leave your side and always do their best to help and guide you and be heard by you. Your Guardian Angels love you, always and forever. ❤️”

Me: “Thank you so much for answering all those questions.”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2: “You’re very welcome. If you have more questions, let us know.”


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