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Interview with Be Your Own UK

Can you talk to us about your career path and how it has led you to where you are today as a Medium and clairvoyant?

It was not so much my career path that led me to being a Medium. It was my life and my personal healing path. Being a Medium was a life for me for 8 years, before it became a career. In 2006 I started on a personal healing journey with a naturopath and an osteopath to heal chronic pain and depression, allergies, food intolerances, just to name a few. I worked with them for 3 years and not only did my health improve, my sensitivity to people and energy grew as well and I got in contact with Angels through my naturopath.

In 2007 I went on my first and only spiritual retreat in Germany with an American spiritual healer. During that week my ability to receive past life pictures and information got activated and stayed with me. My then husband and I continued to experience increasing sensitivity and in summer 2008 made the decision to move to the Baltic Sea where we had been on holiday every year since getting to know each other in 2001. We moved in February 2009 and that’s when a spiritual and healing journey started that none of us had expected.

Basically upon our arrival I was suddenly clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognisant, clairsentient and could communicate with the other side. I saw dwarfs, fairies. I communicated with Angels and Archangels. I got in contact with parallel lives and parallel incarnations of myself. It was a lot at once and I was glad to be in a quiet nature area and away from the noise of any town. At the time I was working as an animal naturopath and tried to establish a new practice. That didn’t work out. I helped my then husband with his business as a wedding photographer instead and focused on creating a home for us and our animals. I was communicating with animals too. That had developed in the years prior as well.

We had dreamed of moving into our dream house and having children. That did not go as planned. While I got pregnant right away, I also lost the pregnancy early on. The second one as well. And four more. That was something I was not prepared for and didn’t know how to deal with. The part of me that is a Medium had no trouble communicating with my children. I was contacted by two of my daughters before I became pregnant. Just out of the blue, one day someone said “Hi mum.” I was perplexed and said “Who are you?” She let me know that she was my daughter. Another one did that later on as well. 

While I had no trouble communicating with my children and also seeing them after my body lost the pregnancy, the physical part of me didn’t cope well. My then husband and I had no way of processing grief together or communicating about the children. I felt alone with it. And I had no one to talk to. Our move had cut us off from old friends, yet I felt that it was meant to be that way. A part of me didn’t really want to birth kids into the current system I was living in. I had a lot of childhood trauma surface during that time at the Baltic Sea. I also felt overwhelmed with taking care of many animals, a home, my then husband’s business and my own business and had no idea how to handle children on top of it all without any support network. I also went through experiences of betrayal and separation with my then husband.

While all that happened, I always kept on communicating with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. I received a lot of information that we were releasing and healing past life karma through the experiences we were going through. That always helped me to understand what was happening. I learned a lot about me being a Clearing Medium which back then meant that my energy field was taking on other people’s energies and processing them through me. That did not feel good and I asked for that to be changed. That’s why the Angels taught me Energy Clearing which I applied regularly for years. I have put all that knowledge into my channeled “Energy & Clutter Clearing Course”. Today I am still a Clearing Medium, but my energy field is in a state now that it brings up other people’s trauma and energies and transforms them into positive energy and releases the trauma. That’s what I use in my Healing Sessions to help people release trauma.

So looking back, the time at the Baltic Sea was a time to explore and get to know and fine tune my abilities. I learned Energy Clearing. I learned to set boundaries with the spirit world and made clear what I don’t want to do. I kept learning and working with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters and eventually in November 2016 I was guided to open my Antje Roggemann Medium Facebook page. A few days later my then husband and I separated and went for a divorce.

In the months to come in 2017 I relocated back to Southern Germany. I desperately needed my naturopath and osteopath at that time, because I was suffering from excruciating chronic shoulder and arm pain due to trauma and from adrenal fatigue due to six pregnancies and my abilities coming up at the same time and being vegan for a few years. What I didn’t know was that channeling also draws energies from my adrenal glands and that my body is unable to sustain itself in a healthy way from vegan food.

It took the past 4 years of regular treatments with my naturopath and osteopath and two other female osteopaths for me to now be healthy and pain free and trauma free. During that time I also built the business I have now. Today I focus on helping people to connect with Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters as well as their Guardian Angels. I channel messages. I also teach what I have learned and experienced about Energy Clearing and trauma and trauma healing. And I also work with Angel Symbols and my own energy field to help people heal emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually from trauma they have experienced in this life and in other lifetimes.

What does an average day look like for you?

That’s a hard one to answer, because my days are often very different, yet there is also a structure. I had to learn to release any planning to the Angels and God as they are guiding this business. So I am not the one planning my calendar, I just fill in what I get from them.

I wake up at very different times depending on what’s going on in my life. Sometimes I am in bed until 10, even in the week. I start with listening to an Angel meditation while I’m still in bed. While I listen, I will start seeing and feeling what I need to do or to release that day or in the coming days. I usually stop the meditation several times in between to type the information into my Notes on my iPhone. I will get up, go to the bathroom, have breakfast which is always a green smoothie, in winter also a warm tea.

What happens then depends. I might contact a client. I might prepare an Instagram post for the day or a newsletter to be send out. I might work on my website, prepare and publish a blogpost. But I might also switch on a washing machine or go food shopping when that’s needed. I work from home, so I switch between doing things for the business and for myself. I might have a client session during the day or in the evening. If that happens I will prepare that session during the day. I go through the comments on my social media posts several times a day and answer them. I also answer DMs and emails. Whatever is needed at the time. I go with the flow. Right now it’s setting up the new MacBook and researching and ordering equipment for recording videos. On some days it’s more work, on others it’s more rest. Me and the Angels make sure to keep me in a good balance. I’ve had burn outs in the past and I have no intention to repeat that.

Often in the mornings or afternoons I will sit on my bed where most of my work happens and listen to another Angel medium’s readings. That is especially important to me, because while I watch I receive messages, insights, guidance for myself and the business. I had to learn to let go of any way of working from 9 to 5 that I had learned in the past. For my work today it is of utter importance that I leave as much space as possible for messages, posts, guidance to come in, because this is how the business works and this is how my life works. It’s got nothing to do with the mind. I need to be receptive. If I let go, I receive guidance when something needs to be done. Other than that I am meant to just relax and take good care of myself and my body.

I usually go for at least one walk per day whenever I feel the need. I have a time in the morning and in the afternoon where I will have a coffee and eat a little something. I also have a main meal during the day and a smaller one in the evening. Due to my sensitivity my body needs several small meals a day to keep my blood sugar on a healthy level.

I do have an evening routine that I have been following for years now. It takes about 2 hours for me to wind down. It’s a combination of exercises to balance energy, Qjigong, yoga and stretches as well as Energy Clearing and a Mala practice to visualise what’s going to come. I will usually not be in bed before midnight. Depending on the day I might sleep right away. Lately I often listen to another meditation to help me go to sleep.

And then there’s times when I can’t get to sleep, because then messages come in as it is more quiet at night. I may have to sit up and write before I can really go to sleep. Or I’m being woken up early for the same purpose. I had to learn to accept that and live with that, because I also learned that the Angels make sure that I do get enough rest.

What are the common misconceptions or assumptions about your industry field that you would like to set the record straight on?

For me the misconception is that there is an industry. We are talking about individual people with very different individual psychic and mediumship and healing abilities. I wouldn’t know who I would summarize in an industry. There’s spiritual authors, healers of all sorts, readers of all sorts, spiritual teachers, reiki masters and more. I wouldn’t summarize them in an industry. And why would anyone want that anyway? It’s usually the need of the human self to categorize, but that’s not possible and helpful with individual abilities.

Furthermore spirituality and spiritual work isn’t as common in all parts of the world. In the US and the UK Card readers and Mediums are way more common than in Europe. The reasons are historic. In Western Europe a lot of spirituality has been wiped out by the inquisition in the medieval ages. Today people start to reconnect to spirituality and explore and use their psychic and healing abilities, but it’s still in its infancy in Germany where I live as well as in Western Europe. That’s one of the reasons why I work in English, online and worldwide.

What can we learn about Angel Card Readings or Guardian Angel Channelings through your work?

Doing an Angel Card Reading means that I pull cards and channel messages for a client to give them guidance on questions they have asked. While many card readers interpret cards, my work has developed in a way that I always channel personal guidance messages from the Angel, Archangel or Ascended Master who’s card I have pulled. I am the channel, the conduit and my personal human self has nothing to do with the content of the message. 

A Guardian Angel Channeling means that I channel the names of the Guardian Angels of a person as well as a message from the Guardian Angels for the person. This often helps people to start a connection and communication with their Guardian Angels or further develop it. The messages are always tailored to the current situation of the client. Guardian Angels will often encourage people to work with them more, connect and communicate with them more and ask them for help and guidance. They also often explain how a person can do that and sometimes deliver other teachings as well. The Guardian Angels of children will always deliver a message in a language understandable for the child, no matter what age. They adapt their language.

The most important part in my work is setting an intention before I start to deliver messages. I always attune to the highest energy, to God and ask that messages are for the highest good of all. I also connect with my Higher Self, Guardian Angels and spirit guides as well as with the ones of the client. After the work, it is important for me to cut cords to the client and all beings and clear my energy.

What has been the most exciting project or client revelation you have been called to work on for your mediumship?

That has definitely been channeling interviews with Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels in November and December 2017. These interviews became a book last year which I will talk about later on.

What channels are you using to promote your Healing and Mentoring Sessions?

I promote the Healing and Mentoring Sessions on my website, in my weekly newsletter and on Instagram and Facebook. Yet often the book “Is It Cool To Be An Angel?” will bring in a new client and lately a lot of Live Readings have been with clients who during the reading together with myself realized that a Healing Session would be appropriate next time. The Mentoring clients I had and have also came to me through the book.

You also have a book ‘Is It Cool To Be An Angel?’ which features interviews with Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels. Can you take us back to the moment in which you were receiving treatments from your osteopath and how the whole writing process came about?

In 2017 I left the Baltic Sea and came to Heidelberg (Germany) to receive treatments from my osteopath that I already knew. I had massive chronic pain and trauma and went to regular treatments every 4 weeks. We had not been in contact for the 8 years that I was at the Baltic Sea and after the first treatment I realized that my sensitivity to his treatments had hugely increased because of my abilities and I had to fill him in about all that had happened. The only thing he said to me was “I had to read it twice.” He reduced the intensity of his treatments for me and because we already knew each other, we started talking during treatments. I felt safe and trusted him and so I also shared about Angels.

One day in November 2017 I had another treatment. That day there were Angels and Archangels in the room. I could see some Archangel colors in the room. The energy felt special. He was sitting next to me, giving me a treatment and suddenly looked at me asking “Is it actually cool to be an Angel?” I was totally surprised by the question and tempted to say “No, with all the people not listening to their Angels.”, but I stopped myself and asked how he meant that. He just said that he wanted to know whether it is cool to be an Angel. I clearly had no idea how to answer that question and it didn’t leave my mind. On my way home I thought that I don’t have to know, maybe I could ask the Angels.

And so what happened was that in communication with the Angels I established that we would do interviews. I would interview them and ask them that question and they could answer. We agreed on a time every day that I would sit down for the interview. The interesting thing was that this took on a life of its own. I didn’t decide who would be interviewed on what day. I was told during the day which Angel, Archangel or Guardian Angel would be the one being interviewed that day or on other days. I just sat down and asked the question and typed the answers I received.

Back then I published every interview in a daily post on social media. The feedback was phenomenal. People loved the interviews. The Angels didn’t just answer the question “Is it cool to be an Angel?”, they shared much more about who they are, what their specialties are and how people can call on them for help. Guardian Angels explained a lot about their specific function in people’s lives.

I channeled an interview every day until December 31, 2017. Then the interviews stopped. I channeled two more Guardian Angel interviews in January 2018 and then we were done. I had the feeling that the interviews could become a book and the same idea came from one of my followers which I understood as a sign. I got into contact with a publisher, yet it didn’t feel right in the end. In between I thought that for a book I need to channel more interviews to make it bigger. That turned out to be a belief that I had to release. So I just let the whole thing go, because I didn’t know what to do with it.

In August 2019 I experienced a huge trauma release due to an osteopathy treatment. After that I had no real clue and feeling who I was anymore and what to do, what to do with the business and in the business. The treatment had released trauma as well as coping behaviors like pushing and constant doing with which I had built the business. I had to release it all. I went on state support and sick leave. For the following 3 months, October til November 2019, I just took care of myself, reduced my online activity to a minimum and just watched what was actually happening. Doing that allowed to release what wasn’t working anymore and eventually allowed to come what was meant for me.

At the end of October my ex-husband in a phone call said to me “I am the universe right now and I’m telling you to publish the book in self-publishing. And I show you how.” In that moment I knew that it was a message from the Angels. And so that’s what I did. He explained to me about Kindle Self-publishing. I watched a few webinars to learn what I needed to learn and then the book “Is It Cool To Be An Angel? – Interviews with Angels, Archangels and Guardian Angels” got published mid-December 2019. It is available on Amazon worldwide as a paperback and as an ebook.

Since then the book has taken on a life of its own like the interviews once did. I am still amazed about the feedback I receive. The Angels tend to guide people to the book at the right time for whatever it is that they need in this moment. Many people, myself included, use it as an oracle to receive the right message from the right Angel at the right moment. And today I also experience that the Angels use the book to guide people to me who need further help from me through Readings or Healing Sessions or Mentoring Sessions.

How are you re-defining your personal success on your own terms?

Success for me is having a safe home, having a business that helps people and being balanced and healthy at the same time. Success for me is not earning money while getting sick from it. That’s what I’ve had in the past.

Success for me is feeling fulfilled. Success for me is having what I need to sustain myself and take good care of myself and my body. Having lost and let go nearly everything in the past few years, I am now living a minimalist lifestyle and really don’t need much physical belongings.

My daily prayer is “I want what God wants for me.” That way I align with the highest will for myself and my soul and get the ego out of the way.

What can we expect to see from you next throughout 2021?

I have just created a YouTube channel. I have just received a MacBook. I am currently researching equipment for video recording. So I expect a lot around videos in 2021. Videos on YouTube. Maybe Live streams on YouTube. Zoom webinars and classes. I don’t know any details. It’s going to be a journey of learning and exploring for me.

The book “Is It Cool To Be An Angel?” is currently being translated into Spanish language. So I expect that to come out some time in 2021.

I hope to do many more Healing and Mentoring Sessions in 2021. I only just started doing them in May 2020. I would love to help many more people heal from trauma and learn to understand and use their abilities.

I also would like to finish my Angel Symbol Practitioner certification in 2021.

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