Antje Roggemann Medium

Guardian Angels answer questions 2

Today we continue the interview with two Guardian Angels who answer the questions I received about Angels and Guardian Angels.

Me: “Thank you for sharing more of your time with us to answer people’s questions.”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2: “You’re welcome. We love to help.”


Me: “Can humans become Angels?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“To be honest, we don’t know. To this day there are two Archangels that have been humans before. Metatron and Sandalphon. And there are an endless number of Ascended Masters who have all been human before. That’s the difference between Angels and Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters have all been human. Angels are usually characterised as beings who have never incarnated. There are two exceptions. Metatron and Sandalphon. And we don’t know whether there will be more exceptions in the future. So it might be possible for humans to become Angels, but we don’t know under which circumstances that might happen.”


Me: “Are there Angels on Earth that live in human bodies? Do they look like us? Do they have wings?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Yes, definitely. There are actually a lot of beings living in human bodies that are not human souls. Some share bodies with human souls or other beings, making them hybrids.”

“As they are in human bodies, they also of course look like humans. A lot of them don’t feel like that though. You might not recognise them or you do. Sometimes you have a feeling that someone could be an Angel. Trust that. And yes, they have etheric wings. You might see them with your third eye/inner eyes.”


Me: “Am I never alone? Not even on the toilet?”

Guardian Angel 1 (male energy):
“??? No, you are not. But trust me, there are things that Guardian Angels have no interest in watching. We do have the ability to focus our attention elsewhere when you don’t need it for a moment. Like when you are on the toilet. ???”

Guardian Angel 2 (female energy) rolls her eyes, covers them and looks away. Like saying ‘Oh my God.’ ?


Me: “Do Angels take breaks? Do they sleep?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“No. Unless you are on the toilet obviously. ?? But we are pure energy which is infinite, endless. We don’t need to sleep and we don’t need breaks.”


Me: “Why do Guardian Angels not intervene? Or not always? Or in the last minute?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Because we are not here to live your life. Look, you have chosen this life to learn and grow and experience certain things. And even if you don’t remember that, you have also chosen to experience some stuff that you now call dangerous or sad or tragic.”

“Believe me, you have an internal guidance system, your feelings that tell you whether something is good or right for you or not. You have to use that system to navigate your life. That’s what it’s there for. We will communicate with you through that system and through signs in the outside world, in everything you see every day. The more you look for those signs and trust them and your guidance, the more easy and safe you will feel.”

“But often in your childhood you have been talked out of listening to your guidance and told that you have to do certain things in life. The truth is, you don’t have to do anything apart from being your own authentic self and following your inner guidance. And you might have to work your way back to being in tune with your guidance. It takes practise, but it’s possible. Many people do it. The number of events that feel like we don’t intervene will decrease once you feel connected to your inner guidance and ultimately our guidance.”


Me: “Why do accidents happen with people dying?
Did the human do something wrong in those cases?
Or did the human not understand something here?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Because some souls choose to leave their bodies in an accident. You have to understand that no soul leaves their body at the wrong time. Never. It’s human thinking that everyone should be at least 80 or 90 or 100 years old before they die or rather their soul returns to the Spirit world.”

“For a Soul that is boring. Every soul has chosen to have numerous death experiences in numerous lifetimes. Remember, a soul is here to make experiences and as many different ones as possible. That includes all kinds of ways of dying, all kinds of illnesses, all kinds of pain, but also all kinds of joy, business successes, financial successes and recognition in the public eye, some even as heros or Saints.”

“You don’t incarnate on Earth to only experience pure bliss. If you wanted that, you would stay in the Spirit world. The Earth is for all sorts of crazy experiences, not boredom.”


Me: “What happens to a Guardian Angel when someone dies? Do they go on to the next person?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“No, they don’t go elsewhere. Guardian Angels stay with the Soul that they have chosen to accompany forever. Through all lifetimes on all planets and also while the Soul is pure energy in the Spirit world.”


Me: “Thank you so much for answering all our questions.”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2: “You’re very welcome. If you have more questions, just ask. We are happy to answer.”

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