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Knee pain in whole family & ancestral lines

It is not so widely known that any issues with the knees often stem from trauma and emotions that get stored in the knees. I have personally experienced this in my own family. And this family of clients demonstrates it as well.

All family members having knee pain

The mother, the father, the son (youngest child) and the 15 year old daughter all started having knee pains at different times. The daughter injured her knee a few months ago and has had a hematoma inside the knee since which wasn’t healing. It was also known that the father’s siblings and mother had experienced knee pain which indicated that it was a topic that had been handed down in the ancestral line. And the mother was born with slightly deformed lower legs which indicated that it was also a topic in her ancestral line.

We tested that we were meant to start with the mother’s deformed lower legs. In total we found 5 different topics underneath the knee issues stemming from her ancestral line as well as one past life of hers. 

5 Causes of the knee pains

The first cause was a separation trauma that originated from the great-grandparents. A partner had died young. The person left behind was suddenly alone with everything and has also lost backbone support. The topic here was “Falling to the knees” and a women’s issue of being alone with everything. We tested the necessary healing frequencies, tuned them into the whole ancestral line and released the trauma.

The second cause of the knee issues were  self-created and externally imposed magician programs. This family has a history of performing magic, not necessarily to the wellbeing of others. So, I actually rolled my eyes when this topic came up again, because we’ve been working on these magician issues countless times before. In this case I set up a cutting circle with transformation symbols to cut the whole family and ancestors to magician programs and triggers and consequences. Alaya then tuned in more frequencies and with a Prayer to dissolve curses released those programs.

The third cause for the knee issues was a victim-perpetrator-soul relationship where in relationships one person always feels like the perpetrator and one like the victim. This came from the mother’s grandparents. In this case the man felt like a victim, the woman felt like a perpetrator. To release this, I first set up a cutting circle with Archangel/Master symbols for the whole family and ancestors to the perpetrator-victim soul connection in the family system. Alaya then tuned in more frequencies and released the perpetrator-victim soul connection from the whole ancestral line.

The fourth cause for the knee issues was the topic of taking everything on meaning making everyone else’s problems your own which was very typical for the mother and the children. And it turned out that it was a theme coming from the ancestral line. So we first did an Unwinding between the family and the topics of the ancestral line which is like a cord cutting. Alaya then tuned in more frequencies and released the theme of “taking on everything” from the family.

The fifth cause for the knee issues and deformed legs was an experience the mother had in a past life that brought her to her knees. This manifested itself in her deformed legs at birth in this life. It was the living conditions in her past life, namely poverty, that created the experience of being brought to her knees by life. Alaya tested the necessary healing frequencies, tuned them into the energy field and released the experience of being brought to her knees by life.

In this session we were only able to work on the mother’s ancestral line. In another session we need to work on releasing the underlying reasons for the knee pains from the father’s ancestral line.


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