Antje Roggemann Medium

Guardian Angels answer questions 1

In the past weeks I have received questions about Angels and Guardian Angels. And I have two Guardian Angels with me today (not mine) who would like to answer those questions.

Me: “Thank you both for offering to answer quite a long list of questions about Angels and Guardian Angels.”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“You’re welcome. We love to help and support humans. That’s our job. So this is a good chance to do it.”


Me: “O.k. Let’s start then. Does everyone have Guardian Angels? How many?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Yes, everyone has Guardian Angels. Every person as well as every animal. Usually most people have two Guardian Angels, but children today often have three. Also over time people will gather more Guardian Angels around them depending on the work they do and the life purpose they have. People that go public with their work usually gather more than two Guardian Angels around them to guide and protect them.”


Me: “Do our Guardian Angels talk to each other?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Yes, they do. All Guardian Angels of everyone, living on Earth or in the Spirit world, are connected with each other. It’s them who help arrange that signs from passed over loved ones will be seen by the people still on Earth. Your Guardian Angel knows you better than anyone else. He or she knows all your deepest wishes, even the ones you never say out loud. They will make sure to help fulfill those wishes by guiding you in certain directions. You might not understand their guidance at the time, but you can always trust them.”


Me: “Are passed over loved ones also Guardian Angels?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“No, they are not. They can become your guides either in general or regarding a certain topic or area of your life where they were good at and have expertise. They can also undergo training in the Spirit world to become your guide in an area they didn’t know before.”


Me:”Do Guardian Angels intervene in our lives?”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2:
“Yes, to a certain extent. If someone finds themselves in a life threatening situation and it is not their time yet to go to the other side, their Guardian Angels will intervene and save them from dying. That does not mean that there won’t be an accident or any other event humans would classify as horrible or tragic. Often your Soul has signed up to have certain experiences in this lifetime. And it so happens that these experiences are often tragic or dramatic or traumatising. This is because in those situations you learn and grow the most. This is because when everything is always happy and good, humans tend to stop learning and stay in a certain stage of their development.”

“That’s not in the interest of your soul who always wants to learn and grow. When people have gone through hard times their learning often changes and becomes a constant part of their life. That is because their awareness has changed. They recognise more. They are more grateful and express that to God, the Angels, the Universe. In those cases horrific events are not necessary, because they very well observe what’s happening and will recognise when changes need to be made.”


Me: “Thank you so much for answering those questions.”

Guardian Angel 1 & 2: “You’re very welcome.”


We are going to continue with this interview tomorrow as there are more questions.

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