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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 25 – Archangel Nathaniel

Today’s interview is with Archangel Nathaniel who knows why we are here as soon as we connect with him. He sees our blockages and excuses and gets rid of them for us. Life can change drastically when you call on him.

Me: “Archangel Nathaniel, thank you for being with us today for this interview.”

Archangel Nathaniel: “You’re welcome. I’m always willing to share my view and contribute to projects like yours.”

Me: “Thank you. And here comes our question. Is it cool to be an Angel, Archangel Nathaniel?”

Archangel Nathaniel: “Yes, it is cool.”

Me: “Can you explain why and maybe what is cool about it?”

Archangel Nathaniel: “I’m not so much a talker like other Angels, but yes, I can explain. As I say, my way is working in the background and working through you. If you call on me, I don’t chat with you. I get to work. I’m rather fierce. If you really want to change your life, I am the right Angel to call on. But be aware that you might find yourself making decisions that surprise even yourself.”

“And that is exactly what’s cool about being an Angel for me. My energy works through people. I get rid of every excuse or blockage you might have had regarding your life purpose and finding your soul mate or committing to a relationship. I help you to get into your own energy and stay in it. I help you to raise your vibration. And I help you to get rid of the attachment to things that distract you. Because lightworkers often distract themselves.”

“Now, if I do all that, you might find yourself getting rid of a lot of your belongings, maybe moving into smaller living spaces that need less maintenance or even moving somewhere completely different. You might find yourself putting your new business and yourself first and removing distracting and negative people from your life.”

“The cool thing is that all these things that I support with my energy change people’s lives in a way that makes them happier and more fulfilled. I love that. That is cool. ?”

Me: “Thank you, Archangel Nathaniel, for all the information you have just shared with us. Would you like to add something?”

Archangel Nathaniel: “No, I think that was enough. Call on me, if you really want to see lasting and effective changes in your life. I will work through you.”

Me: “Thank you again.”

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  1. Michael

    Thank you so much Archangel Nathaniel and Love you, I am very much honored, so blessed and fortunate to chat with you as a very dear special friend to me.

    Much Love,

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