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Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions with Angel Symbols

These are for adults/children/families with physical symptoms that have not been healed yet, are persistent or unexplainable as well as for emotional and mental issues and trauma. They can also help you in times of transformation and change.

Any illness and pain is always pointing towards blockages in the energy field, in the meridians, in the morphogenetic field. Those blockages can be energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual or karmic.

There can also be trauma stored in the cells. If the parents experienced trauma, the children inherit it. Most family lines carry trauma. And from my experience with my own family I know that one trauma causes different illnesses and symptoms in each family member. So on a physical level it might look like five different illnesses. But when I look on the energetic and spiritual level, the source of all of them can be the same.

I work with Angels and Angel Symbols who can clear the blockages. Also my own energy field is able to do clearing and transformation of trauma and energies. I’m a Clearing Medium. So my energy field does that.

Angel Symbols are symbols energized by one or more Angels. They are being channeled and produced by Ingrid Auer, an Austrian Angel Medium. Angel Symbols clear blockages in the energy field and transform negative energies into positive ones. They help on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and can ease transformation processes. They are being put on a note with your name and birthday for 21 days and work with you and for you throughout this time.

With anything that has been persistent for longer, be prepared that it will take some time and more than one session to work through. Healing happens in layers. So the top layer will come up first. And then the next and the next. That’s normal.

For a Healing Session I need a photo, your full name and birthday and information about your symptoms and issues. I prepare the session in advance to choose the symbols and see what’s behind the issues.

Healing Sessions are 99 Euro for an hour.
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For a family of four we need 1,5 hours. That’s 144 Euro.
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Please choose Euro as currency when you pay.

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