Antje Roggemann Medium

Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions with Angel Symbols are a very unique combination of 

  1. Angel Symbols which are energized by Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Saints and work with you in your energy field,
  2. My own energy field which is a Clearing field and brings up your trauma and suppressed emotions while we speak and releases them,
  3. Channelings from the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters & Saints that I have pulled the Angel Symbols from, personally for you with personal guidance for your current situation.

Trauma & Life Purpose Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions with Angel Symbols are being used to release any old trauma, i.e. childhood and past life trauma, past life karma, any emotional, mental, even physical issues that have been resistant to healing as well as any blockages and behavior patterns that keep you from personal, business and financial success. Healing your trauma and living your life purpose are connected.

Healing Sessions for Twinflame /Sacred Union Partners

Healing Sessions with Angel Symbols are used to help you release the fears, attachments, controlling behaviors and fixations of the mind on the twinflame /sacred union partner. They help to release the ego’s agenda, ideas, expectations and to surrender the whole relationship to God and the Angels and allow it to unfold as it’s meant to. Getting to that point is a journey that takes dedication and patience and a lot of healing.

What are Angel Symbols?

Angel Symbols are cards that are energized by Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Saints. Angel Symbols show the topics behind seeming blockages in your life and what’s going on right now. They also clear blockages in the energy field, DNA, morphogenetic field and transform negative energies into positive ones. They help on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and ease transformation processes.

How does a Healing Session work?

You tell me what’s going on. I prepare the session in advance asking 5 questions, pulling a card for them, writing out the topics they show coming up for you and channeling guidance for you (what you need to do, to focus on).

Depending on what’s going on in your life, I might also be guided to lay a Cutting Circle to release old relationships or family patterns or use Angel Kombi Symbols for physical symptoms.

We then have a 1 hour live chat. In this chat I go through what I have prepared with you, show you the symbols, talk about the guidance. You can ask questions, see what comes up. Afterwards I will send you the whole information as an email, so that you can work with that for the next 21 days. Then we would have the next session.

For 21 days the Angel Symbols I have pulled will be put on your name and birthday, so that they work with you in your energy field and help release what’s due for release and help you create new behaviors.

21 days is the amount of time that the brain needs to create new neuropathways. You need to release something and/or train something new for at least 21 days consistently to get the brain to form a new neural pathway and don’t use the old ones anymore. That’s why I usually do the sessions 21 days apart from each other.

Before the next session I would then text you and ask what has happened and what’s coming up now and use that information to prepare the next session. Because healing and growth happens in layers, when you have released one thing, the next comes up.

Healing Sessions explained


One Healing Session

166 Euro (1 hour)
Payment link Single Session:

Package of 3 Healing Sessions

466 Euro (instead of 498 Euro)
Payment link Package:

Choose Euro as currency when you pay.
Choose “Send to friends.”

After your booking we make the appointment(s).

Your responsibilities, if you are my client or want to work with me:

When you book Healing Sessions, you are responsible to commit to appointments with me and communicate to agree on them. I will always contact you and make suggestions. But you are responsible for answering and securing your appointment.

You are also responsible to deliver to me prior to your sessions the information that I need to prepare the session. And I will make clear to you what information that is. If I do not receive that information, I will cancel the session. I do not do sessions unprepared.

There is no refund on Healing Sessions as they are individualized products. If you do not fulfill your responsibilities as a client, you will not get your money back.

Healing Sessions & Reiki 1 & 2 Review

“Hi Antje, 

just wanted to give you some feedback for my weed addiction and learning Reiki with you. I have smoked weed for 10 years, just about everyday, and I couldn’t really go more than 3 days without smoking. I would usually smoke 3-5 joints per day. This year I felt that it was no longer serving me, as I felt as though it was preventing me from being my best self. After 2 healing sessions and learning Reiki 1 and 2 with Antje, I can say that I am no longer addicted to weed, and I don’t have the urge to smoke anymore. Being sober feels far better than being high for the first time in many, many years. My quality of sleep has improved greatly as well as many other things in my life. 

Being attuned with Reiki has helped me feel good without the use of drugs and overall I feel much more alive and full of energy. Now that I don’t smoke I am also finding new hobbies and activities to do to replace my old habit. This has been a great life changing experience 🙂

Thanks again for helping me with this!”

Review Healing Session Physical Injury persisting for 12 years

“A lot has happened in the past 3 weeks, not only does my knee feel so so much better, but I’m interacting with people from my family differently and overall I have much less fear about what others think about me and fears I used to have in my life.

I can’t state enough that my knee feels a lot better and for the first time in years it feels like its a part of my body again, and I can’t thank you enough for helping me with that. 

This Healing Session has been truly life changing. I feel like I have released a lot of trauma and fear that has been hanging over my head for very long time and it feels amazing to be in this place now in my life. I can tell it has been released too, because of the way people look at me and how I look in pictures now lol. I look much lighter and I have regained a sense of joy for life. Thank you so much for this!”

Review Healing Session

“Dear Antje,

Thank you so much for this Healing Session and your great work! There have been such great changes within these 21 days that I would never have expected or thought possible. I am surprised how some topics have suddenly been dealt with by the Healing Session. During this time I had sudden insights where things became clear to me or where I could finally finish things. From that I noticed that things are really happening in the background and healing is happening.

The channeled information also helped me a lot. It was a really fascinating and exciting time, in which I learned a lot and was able to integrate positive changes into my everyday life. That I was able to find so much more self-acceptance is so great and I am very grateful for that 🙂 Overall, it has brought me so much!

I also think it’s very good that you not only provide all the information orally, but also send it by email. So you can read through everything over and over again and don’t forget anything. Thanks again!!”

Trauma Healing Session Review

“Hi Antje,

I want to thank you so much for our healing sessions. I went through several traumatic events as a child and teenager, and went to many psychologists growing up, but there was always something missing and although therapy was helpful, I still continued many of my self-destructive thoughts and behaviors such as people pleasing and putting my needs to the absolute bottom. 

After each healing session with you, I would notice a marked change — not only in me but in my physical surroundings. The people around me started to change, different opportunities would rise for me to stand up for myself and I was actually following through. There is a spiritual, magickal element to your sessions that I have never felt or found elsewhere, and I want to thank you for being the bridge between my angels and me. ??✨❤️

Review Twinflame/Sacred Union Healing Session

“Dear Antje,

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Twinflame Healing Session! I already experienced the session itself as very coherent and powerful, including your wonderfully clearing energy. And the 21 days were a very intense healing journey. In between, I kept connecting to the symbols and reading your notes on the topics and impulses for the individual symbols and went through the topics that needed clarification. From time to time I had the impulse to get in touch with my divine counterpart, but I didn’t do that, because it didn’t feel right, but rather arose from neediness or a trauma aspect that got triggered. At some point I asked Archangel Michael to sever the energetic and karmic cords between us that are no longer of service to us in this life. That was very intense and also very relieving and released a lot.

It was really exciting that I felt exactly the end of the 21 days. And the next day I suddenly got the impulse to contact my divine counterpart. And in contrast to before, where I had been looking for “the right words” for ages, this time everything was very simple, the energy field was cleared. And I had such an inner picture that all the Angels, spirits and co. suddenly got up and danced around me, full of joy that I am now moving. Wonderful!

It all feels very light and beautiful right now, and on a different level than before. The distance is good, so we can approach each other fairly relaxed through telephone contact. And for me it is wonderful to realize that in such an intense relationship, I really need it, not to be with each other all the time, Me-time is super important. My divine counterpart feels the same way and he finds it quite relieving that I feel that too. 

So again, thank you very much for your support and your work!”

Review Sacred Union Healing Session

“I was lucky having encountered Antje and her services at a crucial phase on my twinflame journey. She helped me with my reflections on the process and to identify the issues I have to put work in. Although having gained much knowledge about sacred unions in general by now, she enlightenend me in regard to my personal connection with my counterpart and helped me see, where I have gone awry and healing is needed. During our conversation I loved how empathic and compassionate she was, yet felt on eye-level with her. She gave me the feeling that my experiences are valid and worth working through.

Dear Antje, I’m entirely grateful for your uncomplicated, quick and flexible response, when I was in deep despair and in need for help. You reacted with so much kindness and brought lightness back into my heart – we laughed quite much and had a beautiful, profound conversation. You gave me back some hope and faith in all this craziness. I’m curious how things will unfold from here. Be blessed!”

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