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Great example of how intentions work without knowing how and when something will manifest

I had been doing a Joe Dispenza meditation during the day, and in it I had asked for a sign to be sent that what I’m doing works.

I knew that I needed oat flakes, because I had run out of them. I knew that I would also love to have meat salad, because I absolutely love that right now. I also knew that I wanted to pay cash with the money I had from returnable bottles.

In my mind I had a certain price for the meat salad and the oat flakes. I knew the amount of cash money in my purse, and I “knew” that it wasn’t enough for both.

In the evening I received guidance to go to the supermarket and get these things. And I was expecting that I would have to choose something other than meat salad due to not enough cash money. While walking I suddenly got a thought of “maybe I find another bottle on the way”. And in the next second I spot something behind a power distributor at the side of the foot walk. I bend down and lo and behold find another returnable bottle.

I pick it up and while walking calculate again and find that it’s still not quite enough. I go to the supermarket, get the refund voucher and go to get my items. I stand in front of the shelf with the meat salad and suddenly I realize that the price I had in my mind was wrong and it’s actually cheaper. I calculate again and find that I can buy both, oat flakes and meat salad, and now can pay cash.

And as I walk out of the supermarket, I remember that I had asked for a sign, for a demonstration that what I’m doing with the meditations and intentions is working and realized that I just got that.

Once again, I understood that I need to focus on the intentions and how I want to feel, think the right thoughts and take guided actions and then the universe will bring unexpected opportunities and events and people to make it happen, but I will not know how and when.


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