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Stop saying “I have no money”

People, stop saying “I have no money.” or “I am broke.” or “When I have the funds, I will …” as this is exactly what you are manifesting. You will not manifest money, if that is your kind of self-talk or what you say or write to others. You will only manifest not having money and being broke and never having the funds.

Jesus, I thought the Law of Attraction was known by now. Catch yourself with negative affirmations and self-talk like that and stop it. As soon as a thought like that appears say “Stop. You don’t have a place in my life. Cancel. Clear. Delete.”

Get into positive affirmations and know your self-worth. Visualise what you want. Use positive wording. Ever. Always. In your day to day life. Listen to what you are saying and thinking. Stop whining. Stop complaining. It is your power that changes your life and finances. No one else will do it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been there too. But I didn’t get to where I am now by telling a story of “I have no money”.

Wanna know how I healed my finances last year? I had been using my overdraft loan for years and wanted my bank account to finally have a positive statement. I made Financial Healing my Number One priority and took action accordingly. In my case it meant taking on a job that presented itself. It doesn’t have to be that way for you. It took me 5 months to reach my goal.

If you want your finances to change, make it your priority and take action. If you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change. You have to make a decision to change your situation and then stick to it. And when it gets uncomfortable, then it gets uncomfortable and you deal with it. Nobody ever said life would be easy or without challenges. Challenges are what make you grow. You have signed up for them.

Stop hiding your powers!

Step out into the light and shine YOUR light!

I cannot do this alone.

You are needed !!!

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