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Reconnecting To My Childhood Intuition

Something very profound is happening with me right now. I am receiving insights from my childhood intuition about myself and my family.

Last week I was at my naturopath for a check and to receive help, because suddenly I was in another phase of big change internally and in my body. She uses a radionics device to do an evaluation of a person which works on a quantum level and analyzes the morphogenetic field, meaning the energy field. The interesting thing is that I am basically the human radionics device and feel and receive information from that same field. That explains why her evaluation usually confirms what has already been coming up for me, what I have been feeling in my body and sometimes thought of a few days before. I’m not aware of all the details, because the evaluation analyzes hundreds of factors and also brings up the remedies and affirmations that can support me right now. The important and really interesting part for me is to receive her view on what’s coming up and why, background information, her wisdom and knowledge to understand what’s going on and why.

One part of the body that she saw in the evaluation was my neck. She said that through the neck to the head goes a connection that connects us with our intuition and helps us to trust it. This connection can be cut off by trauma, shock or anything alike. Mine obviously was. That leads to not trusting our intuition which was one of the problems I have been having for a long time.

To heal and restore that connection the body needs manganese, a micro element.

She usually gives me globules which contain all the remedies and information I need and my body needs. How does that work? The radionics device is able to add all the information to neutral globules. So I received globules with everything I needed including manganese.

On Saturday morning, after having taken the globules for 5 days, I woke up realizing that the body symptoms I had been experiencing for the past week were completely different to the ones I knew for the past years. I wondered what they would tell me and tuned into my body. I suddenly saw myself as a child and realized that I was experiencing the body symptoms of my childhood.

Later in the day I was suddenly flooded with information about myself as a child. I suddenly knew that I had originally been very open and talkative until I shut down on purpose and stopped talking about what I wanted, planned and what was important to me, because my mother or parents would always be or go against it.

My grandfather on the other side also connected with me on Saturday and gave me information as well. I could suddenly see the family in a different way. It feels like I had a really good intuition as a child and a profound understanding of the family dynamics and sources of trauma and the family members that carried trauma. I am stunned to be honest.

I am now also connected to the things in my childhood that worked for me. One example is receiving and earning money easily and having fun saving it in a piggy bank. That’s why I have decided to get myself a new piggy bank and start putting money aside that way. Because it’s easy and fun.

I am now also connected to a feeling of „I am being taken care of.“ in the sense of „I do get food every day. I have a home. I have clothes.“ That’s actually really important, because I also had inherited trauma from grandparents come up during the past months about not knowing where food and shelter would come from and being afraid of hunger.

What that experience at my naturopath teaches me among other things is that sometimes affirmations or positive thinking or visualization alone might not be able to help and there might be a body component that needs to be looked at and treated to change the situation. It’s always good to combine different healing modalities. That’s why I‘m glad to not only work with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, but also to have a brilliant osteopath and an equally brilliant naturopath that support me in my healing and growth journey.

Surround yourself with people who you trust and who can help you on your journey. If one thing doesn’t work, try something else. I wouldn’t trade those two for anything. They have been in my life for 13 years now and I hope they stay for the rest of my life. I‘m truly grateful for both of them.


  1. Claudia de Bij

    Hoi Antje,

    Dank je voor het delen van je verhaal. Op dit moment ben ik herstellende van een burn-out en aan de slag met jeugdtrauma wat al generaties lang wordt doorgegeven. Als lichtwerker en hsp, sta ik open voor allerlei soorten healing en vroeg me af of je de naam/adres van je naturopath wilt delen.



  2. Antje (Post author)

    Dear Claudia,

    My naturopath is:
    Julia Lucas
    Finkenwiesen 10
    55442 Stromberg
    phone: 0049-6724-96013
    mobile: 0049-173-4382556

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