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Emergency c-section due to medically induced placenta abruption

This case shows very clearly how a normally progressing labor can turn into an emergency due to medical intervention with resulting trauma for mother, child and accompanying husband. But it also shows that there’s a reason in mother and child when it happens.

This mother was having her 3rd child. Labor was progressing normally and she and her husband went to hospital. There she wanted to have a bath to relax and stimulate labor. She just wanted a simple warm bath, but was given one with essential oils and other ingredients which was already an issue due to allergies, but she still accepted it.

She was also given a medication for softening the cervix in form of a suppository. When she applied it the first time, her body immediately flushed it out again. She said that this should probably have given her a clue. But she dismissed it, asked for another one and applied it.

10 minutes later she could hardly get out of the bathtub. She could hardly walk or get up. Doctors diagnosed an early placenta abruption and absence of fetal heart sounds and ordered an emergency c-section. She was rushed into surgery.

From her own account, in that moment she turned inward and focused on the child and on ensuring that her child got from her what it needed. Her husband though saw doctors and nurses come running from everywhere in the hospital. She shut that out completely which was a remarkable intuitive response.

The child was delivered by c-section. There was no immediate bonding. The mother couldn’t move, get up or hold the child for about a week, because she couldn’t move her body and arms. She was also barely able to consciously focus on the child due to her condition. She only saw her every day.

As a result of the shock and trauma, the fourth child also had to be delivered by c-section due to no labor signs. This caused a lot of grief for the mother who had been hoping for a natural birth.

I pulled the Angel Symbols Loriel, the 7 Emergency Helpers, for the client. These Angels are basically helpers in all emergency situations and also release shocks, accident shocks, surgical shocks and traumas from long ago. And that is exactly what they did here now: release the shocks of both c-sections.

The only information I had when I a prepared the Healing Session was “emergency c-section for child 3 and c-section for child 4”. As soon as I started speaking about it and pulled out the Angel Symbols Loriel, she started sharing the whole story and while she was telling it, my energy field released the shock and trauma of the whole experience. I have just spoken with her 3 weeks later and she is fine.

The 3rd child, a daughter, now a teenager, had been experiencing panic attacks, accidents and other symptoms and Alaya has been treating her and has released all the after effects of the c-section birth. I also received the information from the Angels that she had brought with her from a past life a pattern of not wanting to live which has likely contributed from her side to the emergency c-section.


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