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Tools for Clearing & Shifting Your Energy

I want to share with you a few tools that I have been using over the past 2 months and I still do and I will keep doing it. Those are tools to shift your energy, to shift your relationship with money and let the divine take the lead and to ultimately heal yourself from past trauma and experiences and stop replaying them in your life.

“Rich Angelic Alchemy” by Rachel Scoltock

I started in mid March by watching a video by Rachel Scoltock. It’s called „Rich Angelic Alchemy Masterclass“. You find it here:

I highly recommend watching it. I still do again and again. Rachel leads a prayer and some exercises with the angels that shift your energy.

“It’s Not Your Money” by Tosha Silver

I have also read „It’s Not Your Money“ by Tosha Silver, her newest book. It’s an 8 week program to shift your relationship with money and it surely has done so for me. I am past the 8 weeks and I keep doing the prayers, simply because it takes away so much tension and helps me to learn to trust the divine and that I am being taken care of in every minute and my needs are being met as they arise.

I highly recommend reading that book and doing that program. I also recommend Tosha‘s other books „Outrageous Openness“ and „Change Me Prayers“. I also work with those and keep rereading them.

“Inner Child Meditaton” by Dr. Hew Len

A meditation that was recommended to me by one of my followers is the „Inner Child Meditation“ by Dr. Hew Len. You find it here:

He teaches and I agree that our problems arise, because our subconscious is replaying memories. So this meditation is done to connect with the inner child (subconscious) and delete the memories.

I have also just started watching an interview (in 9 parts) with Dr. Hew Len about ho‘oponopono. You find it here:

In this interview he explains more about this inner work he is doing and how he really always looks inside to erase the memories that are replaying problems or problems with people. I have just started incorporating that more into my day.

AuraSoma Soul Sessions with Birgit

I also had a soul session with AuraSoma with my dear friend Birgit (@manifestthelight on Instagram). I highly recommend those sessions. Definitely check her out.

This session helped me to feel the support of my spiritual team and I received the message that I can let go more and that I‘m not doing this alone. Birgit kindly gifted me one of the AuraSoma bottles, Archangel Raphael. Since I have started applying it to my skin, it is releasing deep stored memories, trauma, shocks and responsibilities that are not mine from my cellular memory in a very soft way. It’s really healing and freeing.

Clearing & Gaining New Insights

So I‘m basically in a huge clearing process this year. I am also in the process of going over my life of the past 10-17 years again to understand what has happened in a different way, so that I can use my understanding to write about it and help you with that. It’s going to be kind of a memoirs book. But I have no idea when I am ready to write. Currently I am in the middle of revisiting and gaining completely new insights and understanding about my life.

I am also unlearning decades of programming that taught me that I am the one who has to do everything, that it’s all mine and that I am manifesting. I am giving it all back to God and it’s a process. But it’s freeing.

Every time I question the business, I remember to give it back to God and ask for guidance and I‘m being told that I will be okay. I still have money fears come up. I am not done with that yet. I keep releasing and working through it and unlearning and learning new ways of being. And yes, that is scary for my ego. When I am rooted in my connection to the divine, I feel safe. When I fall back into my small self, ego self, I easily switch back to fear mode. And that’s when all the above tools come into play. I highly recommend you use them too.

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  1. Kristin

    Thank you for your courage to share your pain.
    It helps me immensely. One day I too will share
    my story with the world.

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