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Here are some reviews I have received from people I did readings for and from people who have been following my daily readings.

Reading Reviews

Reviews for Angel Card Readings

“Antje’s incredible ability to channel messages is nothing short of inspiring. I received a reading from her earlier this year – I didn’t know what to expect, but the reading I got from her was nothing short of touching. I felt like the answers I received we’re genuine, true to what I needed to hear and filled with a wholesomeness that I can only describe as nurturing and loving. I can refer back to them in times I need to come back to my centre and remember what my purpose on Earth is. I could not recommend a reading from Antje enough. You will be surprised and happy you did! 🙏”

“Antje’s reading was very accurate and she answered my questions in a timely manner.  She delivered the reading with love, gentleness and intuitive feel. I highly recommend her for those souls who need direction in all aspects of their life.”

“Antje gave me a lovely angel card reading which has given me a whole lot of confidence and hope and believing in what I want. The guidance and support that came with the reading has made it more special in helping me to manifest what I want and desire. Beautifully explained thank you very much!”

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the great reading and guidance that you gave. Your reading was clear and warm, it gave me hope that things will get better. I repeat the words that you have advised me to say and have been feeling a lot better in connection with my ex partner. My heart was hurting greatly but after your reading it made it clear that I deserve and radiate higher love.”

“You are one of the most accurate readers I know.”

“You are an amazing channel, keep doing it.”

“Thank you so very much! What a loving message! I have received the guidance I need.”

“AMAZING!! Antje, you could not be any more perfect with your message. You have made my day and year! There is no way without the help of the Angels you would have known what is in my heart  and prayers. Thank you so much for Blessings received through your insight. You are blessed and I too as we were connected. I am honored to have come in your path.”


“Thank you and God bless you, Antje. I enjoy your help every day. I look forward to it. You have helped me in so many ways. Blessings. I’m sure your babies (my children) are our little angels.”

“Thank you dear for sharing such beautiful inspiration for all of us. You’re doing a great and amazing thing. Thank you. Love and Light”


“Your page is the only page that I have to check on a daily basis. What you write is filled with love and light and you have helped me heal on so many levels. Thank you. You’re amazing.”

“Your posts have helped me sooo much. Always make a big impact on my mind, body and spirit.”

“I love your posts. Everything has meaning. Thank you.


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