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Apartment, House, Property Clearing Nußloch 2024

Shortly after arriving in the Nußloch apartment, I started waking up at night and heard voices talking. That for me is a sign that spirits are around, because I can hear them talking. I also had a feeling that there was something going on with the property and with the town itself, because it started getting really loud at around 4am already. And I know now that I hear negative energies as noise.

We scheduled a Life Clearing Session for May 16 to address all this. We started with setting up a Protection circle with Archangel & Master symbols for the AirBnB apartment in Nußloch. Alaya then tested me and the apartment for spirits and earthbound spirits. I had none. The AirBnB apartment had 5 spirits. Our task was to release all spirits from the apartment.

Alaya treated all spirits one by one. Each received the healing frequency it needed and was then guided into the light with the “Prayer to transition Earthbound Spirits”. When all spirits had been transitioned, the apartment was energetically clean and purified.

Next we moved on to the house and property. They received the frequency of the energy portal Awareness. After that Alaya tested that there were magician programs on me that the property had activated. They came from a past life that I have lived on this property. I then received the frequencies I needed to release the magician programs. My past self in that past life also needed healing frequencies and Alaya tuned them into that past life and then released the magician programs.

Last but not least the town of Nußloch near Heidelberg received the frequencies it needed: Archangel Uriel soul frequency, Master Essence Kamakura, Love flow water and energy portal The spiritual will. That ended this session.

A few weeks later I started waking up again and heard talking. We scheduled another session for me on June 8 and also included the house here. 

The test for the house revealed 2 spirits in the house. The spirits belonged to the family here. It was the maternal grandfather of the sons and the paternal grandfather of the sons. Each of them received the healing frequency they needed and were then transitioned into the light with the “Prayer to Transition Earthbound Spirits”.


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