Antje Roggemann Medium

A Message from all Guardian Angels to the people of this planet Earth

Dear humans,

we are your Guardian Angels. We accompany your soul from the beginning of its existence until infinity. We never leave your side, not when you are on Earth in a body and not when you are in the Spirit world without a body or incarnated on other planets. We will always be with you, no matter where you are, what you do, how you behave or what you eat and drink. We will always love you, no matter what. We never judge you or anything you do or don’t do.

We are with you to support you. That means it is our deepest wish to be an active partner in your life. That means that we will always do our best to guide you to the experiences that your soul chose to have in this lifetime prior to incarnating. It does not mean we will keep you out of any trouble, because that is often the way you learn. You learn what you want and you learn what you don’t want.

Nevertheless many of you are still not aware of either their Guardian Angels at all or don’t know them personally and don’t have a regular conversation with them. It’s true that together with your Soul we guide you through your feelings, your intuition. Sometimes we might even say something loud. But what we suggest that you realise is that you can have an actual active daily relationship with us. You can start it with something like ‘Good Morning, my dear Guardian Angels. Please guide me through this day and give me clear signs that I cannot miss.’ You acknowledge our presence and ask for interaction. This starts a relationship that grows.

You are not supposed to stumble through life alone. And we are not supposed to just save you when it gets dangerous. We are actually here to guide you. We are here to support you, to make you feel loved and never alone. We are here to encourage you on your unique path. We are your cheerleaders.

We help you to find what is right for you in your life. We help you to find the right people and throw those out of your life that don’t respect you. We help you to know that you are worthy to live a happy and fulfilled life and go for your dreams and have them fulfilled as long as they are for your highest good and the highest good of all and don’t stem from a selfish ego.

Please, dear humans, engage with us more. Ask us for our names and listen. Trust what you are getting. Ask us whether visiting your family over Christmas would be for your highest good and the highest good of all and listen and feel. Be willing to make changes in your life with our guidance, so that more and more you live with joy and fun and happiness and love and feel good in your life.

And yes, animals have Guardian Angels too. Ask your animals’ Guardian Angels for their names and ask them to guide you to make decisions for your pets that are for their highest good and the highest good of all. They will happily do so.

And yes, children have Guardian Angels as well and you can ask them for their names and to help guide you as a parent. Even better suggest to your children that they engage with their Guardian Angels. Tell them they can ask for their names and talk to them like they do with friends. Children today often have three Guardian Angels from the start and can accumulate more. We all can. The more you work and engage with your Guardian Angels, the more additional Guardian Angels you attract. They might not all come forth with their names, but rather be like a team in the background.

If you have any questions regarding your Guardian Angels, would you please put them in the comments below our message or send them to Antje Roggemann Medium. We would love to answer your questions and support you in any way we can.

Love and Angel Blessings and a Merry Christmas to everyone,
Your Guardian Angels


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