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My heart is cracking open

It started months ago before an osteopathy session that I have every 4 or 5 weeks. I had been having pain in my left shoulder and arm for years. They were screaming to get treatment. Which is why I eventually ended up in Heidelberg last year to finally be able to see the osteopath I knew and trusted.

Because I knew his treatments from the past, I had expected that my shoulder pain would simply get better over time and hopefully vanish one day. What I did not expect is how my body and whole system actually reacted. I had completely forgotten that in those past 8 years in which I had no osteopathy my sensitive and mediumship abilities had shown up and my body’s sensitivity had increased way beyond anything I knew before. I also was not aware that a lot of that shoulder pain was emotional pain, my aching heart.

My whole being started to react to the treatments. I had massive trauma releases during the sessions and after. I remembered past lives and past life skills and suddenly found fun in writing again. I was dealing with huge amounts of fear that came up in between the sessions.

And at some point the sessions started to have an impact on me days before they started. It felt like in my left shoulder a slit was being ripped open and pain was pouring out. That’s how it feels right now. I’ve got an energised Archangel Michael Symbol that helps me when that happens. I put it on my hurting shoulder and then I feel and see what pain it actually is, where it originates from and I ask to cut the cords to it and release it. There’s a part in me that asks “When will this ever end?”, because it has been going on for months. But in my daily life, during the sessions and here with you on my Facebook Page and on Instagram and on my website, I see and feel the effects of it.

I’m healing. My heart is opening. I am opening up. The osteopathy sessions are so much fun now. We are talking about Angels and ideas for my business and blog. I can share my stories and feel safe and loved and accepted for who I am. And you have become a loving support as well. Your likes and comments are so healing for me. For decades I’ve been growing up and living with being rejected. These experiences right now are healing all this pain.

I never expected any of this to happen. I remember someone from Rebecca Campbell’s Rise Sister Rise Sisterhood saying to me in December it will get even better than I expect. Yes, it already is.

I’m so grateful for myself taking that leap to come here to Heidelberg and to open my Facebook and Instagram pages and my website and share daily cards and messages and my stories. I never would have thought that it would bring so much value and support to others and healing for me.

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