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Social Media Is Not A Self-Directed Giant That Grabs You

And you are not a victim.

I keep getting irritated by posts about how negative social media can be and statements like “People are looking for the drama posts”. And I always shake my head and say “No, I don’t” and wonder how many people still attract negativity.

Let me tell you something:
Social media is not a self-directed giant that grabs you. And you are not a victim.

You decide who you follow. You decide what you read and watch. You are living in your body and it’s your responsibility to observe your reactions, feel how posts and messages and people make you feel and sort out the ones that make you feel bad, shitty, sad, helpless, guilty, small, wrong, you name it.

You are feeding yourself. So start feeding yourself with the good stuff. And no, you won’t attract the negative provided you clear your energy field, your social media feed, your life, what you put into your mind, body, emotions, spirit and set the boundaries needed.

How can you follow 50, 100 or 1.000 people and still believe you are yourself? You can’t. It’s impossible for you to digest so much information on a daily basis. You loose yourself by doing so.

So go through the people you follow on Instagram and Facebook today and do the bodycheck. Feel into the feed and the people and ask “Does it feel right to keep following them?”. Tension in your body is a No. Breathing out and relaxing in your body is a Yes. Unfollow the accounts that get a No.

Social media is a tool. Use it with intention and awareness. Stop blaming negativity. Start taking responsibility for yourself and what you engage with. Stop engaging with negativity. Start to actively look for positive news. If you don’t find them, create them. You are a creator, not a consumer. You are here to create.

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