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Energy & Clutter Clearing Course

NEW Energy & Clutter Clearing Course

15 days (3 weeks)


You can take the course anytime you want.

Energy and Clutter Clearing

The energies in your life are all interconnected. If you are stuck with your finances, health, relationships or business or any other area of your life, it is because you have stuck energies in your life elsewhere that you might not see as related or might not see at all. If your life is crammed full with belongings and emotions of past decades, there’s no room for new things, experiences and money to come in.

You have to make space for that.

Start clearing physical and energetic clutter from your life. I guarantee you, it will create change. I have experienced it myself.

Course Topics:

  • Morning, Day and Evening Clearing, Grounding and Alignment practises with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters
  • How to clear your life from things, people, beliefs energetically and physically
  • Clearing your home and work space with Angels
  • 5 days Physical Clutter Clearing – 1 category of belongings each day
  • Clearing friendships and relationships with Angels
  • Clearing past pain and emotions with Angels and other methods
  • Trauma healing with my version of Teal Swan’s Completion Process together with Archangels Michael & Raphael, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary
  • Clearing your mind with Angels
  • Energy Clearing for children with Archangel Michael
  • Karma Clearing with Angels & Karma Clearing Ancestral patterns
  • Clearing social media feeds and accounts with Dragons

Your results:

  • You feel lighter.
  • You feel more joy in your home and in your life.
  • You feel yourself and your boundaries.
  • You can identify when other people project their stuff onto you and don’t bother anymore.
  • Your life will start to get moving.
  • Your health will improve. You might loose weight or simply toxins.
  • Your finances will start moving.
  • Your relationships bring more joy and support, because you have released the ones that don’t serve you and focus on the ones that do.

What do you get in the course?

  • I will send out emails with the information and tasks for the day every day. For 15 days.
    (Mondays til Fridays. Weekends are free.)
  • A Facebook group where all participants can share their experiences in a safe space and support each other. I will be present in the group to help and answer questions.
  • A workbook you can download and print with all the information from the emails.


  • 188 Euro


    1. Make your payment through this payment link: http://Paypal.Me/AntjeRoggemann/188
      Choose Euro as currency when you make the payment and put as subject “Energy Clearing”.
    2. You will start to receive emails the day after you made the payment.
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