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Being raw about my current journey 2

So I was staying with friends, my cat was at another friends’ home and I had no idea where to go next and where to find a new home. My body was getting sick, showing me clearly that the time at this place was coming to an end.

To get out of the confusion I asked a friend of mine for a phone call who is also on the spiritual path and knows me well and can feel into me and situations. She immediately recognised the same that had come up for me. I was done with the place and in the town I was staying. It took a while to sort things, but then she suggested I go to a bigger town and named a few. The one that clicked for me was Heidelberg. I remembered a vision I had before I left the Baltic Sea of going to Heidelberg. At that time I also knew there was no direct way, so I forgot about it.

This time there was a way. My friend searched for rooms to stay in shared apartments. There are options for temporary stays when students are away for a few months. She found several offers and suggested I have a look into it and follow my intuition. And so I did. I found one through Google with 4 women that weren’t students anymore but working. I contacted them. No response. Well, I understand signs. 🙂

I found another that said they were looking for someone quiet and he/she had to speak English, because the Italian flatmate didn’t speak German. Those two things, quiet and English, really spoke to me. Something in me literally jumped at speaking English. Something I had been longing for and missing for a long time.

I couldn’t write right away though. At 2 a.m. in the night a pain in my left shoulder woke me up. I recognised it as another signs and asked the angels what they wanted me to do. The answer was clear “Write an email to those people regarding the room in the shared apartment.” And so I did. When I went back to sleep, I had a feeling that the answer might be there when I wake up. Yes, it was. I was being asked whether I could come and have a look the same evening and I said “Yes”.

That evening was the best I had had for a long time. I immediately felt relieved when upon my arrival I realised that the guy who was the main tenant was not an 18 year old student but a 52 year old who was very grounded, welcoming and relaxed. I could breathe out immediately. He showed me the room and flat which was fine. Nothing modern, but I realised it didn’t matter, because my body was clearly communicating to me that I felt safe and relaxed. And that mattered. Over the next few hours other people arrived to have a look at the room and we all sat together in the living room telling each other our life stories in English. I loved it. 🙂

In the end the Italian girl, a student, and the guy told everyone that they would make their decision who got the room the same evening. I had a feeling that I might come home and have an email. And so it happened. Two hours later I arrived home after some detour on the highway at night, opened my email and found one from the guy that said “You can move in if you like? Do you want?” I literally jumped with joy and said “Yes” and immediately send the answer back to him. Over the next three days we arranged everything and on May 16th I packed my car and moved to Heidelberg.

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