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A Message from the Fairies about Manifesting

On Monday evening (two days ago) I pulled the card “The Magician. Archangel Raziel” from Archangel Power Tarot Cards by Radleigh Valentine with the following message:

“Like the colours of the rainbow you are multifaceted and bright and shining your light on Earth. You can manifest anything you want as long as it is for the highest good of all and doesn’t come from your ego. Whatever you need and whomever you need will magically appear in your life right now. This card signals successful beginnings. Be the magician in your own life and manifest your dreams for your highest good and the highest good of all.”

On my Instagram account one of my followers replied to this post and asked a series of questions:

“Who do we manifest for other than ourselves? Why would I not manifest what I feel I deserve in my own life for enjoyment? That’s saying trying to manifest better relationships for yourself is ego, that desiring a well paid job is ego, desiring anything really. What’s the point then?”

To answer I pulled a card which I always do to get my ego out of the way and bring an answer from angels and Spirit. The card was “Please be patient” from Magical Messages from the Fairies Oracle Cards. It says “What you ask for, will happen. Be patient, because other unknown factors need to occur first”.

And the fairies wanted to say some more:

“You are never the one manifesting on your own. Every manifestation is a complex process of intertwined processes, decisions and free will choices from people as well as support from the Spirit world. Which is why manifesting goes a lot easier, if you take everyone into account in the first place and not only yourself – which would really be your ego.

Your soul never manifests for itself only, because it knows it is connected to everyone and everything in this universe. Manifesting only for yourself is an illusion. If you know that and you focus on manifesting what is for YOUR highest good AND the highest good of ALL, you include all the above in the process and are automatically supported in manifesting what you REALLY need.

Now, what you REALLY need isn’t necessarily what the ego thinks it wants or has been taught to want or need. That doesn’t mean, you cannot have a happy and fulfilling relationship, work and home. Not at all. God wants that for everyone. But in this world and society what people REALLY need and what they think they need has gotten way out of alignment.

Most people would be happier and more relaxed and therefore healthier and have more energy with less working hours, less money, less expensive houses, cars and other material items. What the soul REALLY wants are states of being like Joy, Freedom, Abundance. What the ego ever asks for is material stuff or relationships. But those don’t provide lasting happiness. They are temporary.

All you REALLY need, is already within yourself. That’s where you will find it. Not outside and not in outside things or people. Inside.”

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  1. Monika Phillips

    Perfect – perfect – perfect….

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