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Energy Clearing helps you to set clearer personal boundaries

In our society we are basically forced to accept other people invading our personal boundaries and bodily integrity. That starts right at birth where often a foreign person touches the baby first. That is an invasion of the baby‘s personal boundary and bodily integrity. Really the only ones to touch a newborn should be the mother and father, for quite a while. But because the parents have learned it the same way, they often don’t even realise the overstepping of boundaries here.

Establishing Personal Boundaries is hard to learn

That’s why establishing our personal boundaries that we feel really safe with is so hard to learn. We need to learn to distinguish our own energies and that of others to be able to detect where our energy field ends and when somebody steps into it without asking or without awareness and mindfulness. This can happen literally by somebody coming near you. A great example I don’t like at all is people in a supermarket queue who have no feeling for giving others some space. But it can also happen by somebody else giving you advice you haven’t asked for or criticising you. Critique always hurts. The only acceptable way is love and respect.

You are the only one who can change

But if you are used to other people abusing you verbally and coming into your space, you at first don’t even know that this is not o.k. and you don’t have to tolerate this. You also have to learn that you are the only one who can change it by changing yourself. And you have to acknowledge that it is going to continue as long as you allow it. You are the deciding factor here. You are the only one who can change it by setting clear boundaries and enforcing them.

When you start doing that you will very likely experience backlash, especially from people who are not aware of themselves and don’t practise mindfulness. Those people might think or say you are harsh or rejecting when really you only start saying No very clearly to something that doesn’t feel right to you anymore. You simply have to accept that this happens and know that you are triggering them. Their reaction has nothing to do with you, only with themselves and the feelings that come up in them, because you suddenly behave differently. You are doing the exact right thing for you.

Energy Clearing helps you to feel yourself and your boundaries

In my personal experience I became clearer and clearer with my own personal boundaries the more I practised Energy Clearing. By constantly clearing out other people’s energies from your energy field and life, you eventually get a very clear feeling of yourself and your own energies. Over time you will immediately know when you have picked up somebody’s thoughts or beliefs or when someone is invading your space in any way. You will learn to feel into other people’s suggestions, i.e. for meetings, and know whether it feels right to you or not. You will learn to read your body’s signals that tell you clearly where your boundaries are and what you need.

Energy Clearing is a great way to learn to feel yourself more and to establish clearer boundaries for yourself. And in the end people will love it, because they know exactly what you tolerate and what you don’t. And you will love it to, because you feel so much better.

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