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The Power of Commitment

I have experienced something very interesting and irritating in the past few weeks. I‘ve asked you questions whether you want my help in planning your business and 20 people said Yes. I‘ve asked you whether you want to take the „Energy Clearing With Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters“ Online Course in June and 7 people said Yes and 3 more were interested from before.

When I approached those 20 people and offered them coaching, because I don’t have a Business Planning Course yet, I got responses like „I‘m not ready.“, „Maybe later.“, „I have to get my finances in order.“ and most of them didn’t reply at all. When I took the Yes to Energy Clearing and offered a new date for the course and informed everyone who said Yes, I got a smiley, a „Thank you“ and from most of them no reaction at all.

Intentions, Commitment, Action

Now, I tell you something about how I changed my life in the past 1,5 years. I set intentions, committed fully to them and followed through with ACTION. That’s what got me to where I am now.

When you say Yes to your life, your health (energy clearing) or your business the way everyone I was talking above did, what do you think will happen? Nothing.

What kind of messages are you sending out to the universe? I want this and that. The universe says „Hell, yeah, here you go.“ and then you say „Oh, you know I don’t know. Maybe later.“

You Need To Learn Receiving

There’s something that you have to learn when you want to manifest the life of your dreams: RECEIVING. Accepting the help you are being offered. Accepting the love you are being given. Accepting the online course that was set up just for you, because you asked for it.

I don’t do this for myself. I am here to help YOU make your life and your health better and make it easier for YOU with all I have learned and experienced in the past 17 years of my journey to myself. I am asking YOU what you need so that I can give YOU what you need. But that is of no use, if your Yes to my questions isn’t a REAL YES.

What‘s even more shocking and sad to me and I want to make you aware of that is that your Yes to yourself, your business, your health isn’t a REAL YES. You are basically saying „Yeah, I want to change my life, but I don’t really mean that.“, „I want to build a business, but I don’t really mean that.“, „I want to learn Energy Clearing to feel better, but I don’t really mean that.“

Why say Yes at all?

If you don’t mean change and improvement and commit to it, just accept where you are right now. Stop complaining. Be grateful and accept your life and your health like it is. No need to change anything. Until maybe your soul has a different idea.

Real Change Needs Commitment

If you REALLY WANT CHANGE, commit to it fully and that means accepting what you have asked for and following through with actions. You will never get anywhere new by just wanting something. You have to ask for guidance regarding that something, make a plan and then take action on it. You cannot just sit and wait for everything to fall in your lap. You have to learn that manifesting is a dance of co-creation between you and Spirit/the universe. You take action, step back allow and the universe delivers and so on.

If there is anything that I have learned in the past 17 years it is this: Everything that I deeply wanted inside of me and never gave up on and eventually committed to fully and took action came true. No matter how hard or painful it was.

Commitment means to follow through with what you want no matter what you are being faced with at any given time. This is your way to get your life change, your business, your energy clearing and with that improved wellbeing. Half-hearted Yes’es won’t get you anywhere.

To take the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course, go here:

Energy & Clutter Clearing Course


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  2. Karen

    Im learning about crystal healing and colours and and foods that balance me

  3. Antje (Post author)

    That’s fantastic.

  4. Laura

    Great post! So true! Thank you for the reminder! Lots of love, Laura

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