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Energy Clearing in Action – GDPR prompts clear out

According to the new European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on May 25, 2018, the collection and processing of data from people who are not yet your customers is forbidden. Unless you have a valid interest like the data enables you to inform them about your products and services. You have to ask them for their agreement to use their data and document that.

GDPR has taken the fun out of my business

While I am all for data protection this new regulation has been keeping me busy and my mind active for the past few weeks. And it’s taken the fun out of my business. It contains a lot of rules that to say it frankly make some forms of online business right now impossible or non-compliant with the law, because there are simply no technical solutions yet to make a website GDPR compliant.

In Germany there’s a lot of fear going around right now, because here we have a practise of lawyers admonishing people and businesses for not complying with a new law even if no one was harmed through it. I actually hope that petitions who are now coming up because of that will end that practise for good.

GDPR prompts Energy Clearing for me and my business

For myself and my business I had to make some decisions after realising that this stresses me completely and takes the fun out of my business. Apart from that I should actually be preparing an online course. Ironically and synchronistically the GDPR prompts me now to do a huge Energy Clearing. So I’m working myself through my online course topics before the course will be running.

I made the following decisions:

  • I will not start sending out newsletters and not collect your email addresses for that right now.
  • Only people who are already my customers will receive emails and maybe newsletters from me, because this data doesn’t fall under GDPR. Thank God.
  • The people on my Energy Clearing Online course waitlist will receive emails and then I will delete the newsletter account.
  • I will not use tracking tools like Google Analytics on my website.
  • I will shut down my two private book blog websites completely.
  • I will delete the email address I created a few weeks ago for my business and revert back to the one I have always used.
  • I will not use names on reading reviews.

I’m being guided and protected by Ascended Masters

If you think this sounds crazy, I would totally agree. But I‘m being guided and protected by some Ascended Masters like Lady Portia and El Morya who stepped forward in the last weeks to guide me through that crazyness and I‘m glad they do. So bare with me while I try to make my business and online presences safe and GDPR compliant.

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