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Energy Clearing Benefits for You

Have you ever been in a group of people and started to feel really drained, tired and irritated after a while? Do you need to retreat after time spent with family, friends or other people?

Do you feel that you are not yourself, because the way you live your life reminds you of your parents? Do you feel that there is something inside yourself, but you can’t seem to get hold of it or feel it?

A lot of people experience the same. You are not alone with this. I have been there too.

We often carry around other people’s energies

In reality most of us are clogged by the energy, thoughts, beliefs and ways of how to live your life and how to do things of others that we have picked up over time. We might not even realise how much we are not ourselves anymore when we are grown up, because it has become so normal to do what others told us to do.

To be ourselves again or often for the first time, all these energies we have picked up over the years need to be cleared out of our energy field and life.

What Energy Clearing can do for you

Energy Clearing means to clear your energies from energies that don’t belong to you. This can be done with a number of different methods and tools as well as with the help of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

You can clear the energies not just of your body and energy field but in all areas of your life.

Energy Clearing is a practise. The results accumulate over time meaning the more you do it, the more energies that don’t belong to you you release, the more you feel yourself and who you are and what your dreams are.

Energy Clearing raises your vibration. It makes it easier to communicate and connect with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and your deceased loved ones. And they will even help you with it.

One easy way of doing it is this:

„Archangel Michael, please cut my cords to all the people and beings I‘ve met so far (today) and to all the experiences I‘ve had so far (today) and to all the information I received and remove them and their energies from my body, mind, DNS, cells, aura, lightbody, morphogenetic field and consciousness now and forever in all directions of time. Thank you.“

To learn more ways of Energy Clearing for all areas of your life, take the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course.

Energy & Clutter Clearing Course


  1. Tamica

    Great info thanks for sharing.. Could cleansing music (mediation) work as well?

  2. Antje (Post author)

    Yes, definitely. Music also works. The vibrations create movement in your energy field and thereby move out other energies. I often use music when something has shocked me and feels to be stuck in my belly. Listening to music will then create movement in my energy field and often a release in the form of tears or breathing out or both follows.

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