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17 Years of Karma Clearing finished

This morning I woke up to the Angels’ announcement that my job of clearing karma in my family of origin and my in-law family was finally done. Finished. All karma cleared. I am free to move on.

Wow. I’m still processing this, crying at times out of relief. Because this was a hard job to do. When I started 17 years ago when I met my former husband I was nowhere near where I am today regarding awareness, consciousness and karma clearing tools. So it all came up in normal interactions which were not friendly most of the time.

9 Years ago I started to remember Past Lives

Only when my psychic abilities started to show up 9 years ago and I started to remember past lives did I start to get explanations for what happened. Underneath my marriage was the karma of a forced marriage from a past life which had been brought into being with much violence by my parents in that life.

Through marrying by choice in this current lifetime and getting divorced by choice, we released the karma. In between a lot of other events happened and at any time I have always been shown what karma laid underneath and why this was happening in this life.

The violence I experienced in my family in this life was a fracture of that in the past life. Back then they managed to get the love of my life killed by the inquisition, so that I would stay in that forced marriage.

Calling on Angels to clear Karma

Throughout this journey in the past 9 years I received more and more assistance by the angels. I ended up learning on which angels to call to clear out karma. And I also learned to recognise past life karma in other people’s lives by a certain feeling I get when they tell me about a problem they have in this life which seemingly makes no sense.

I’m really really glad that I stayed my course in this journey and stayed true to myself. I’m forever grateful to the angels for supporting me and teaching me, so that I can now teach you what I’ve learned.

Next Level

I’m also grateful that I have graduated to the next level. The two families where I am now clearing karma are less hard, way less uncomfortable and I am not alone in doing the job. And I believe it won’t take as long, because now I have very effective tools that I didn’t have 17 years ago.

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