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Money is a Messenger and Teacher

If you think you have no money, if you think you are in a financial crisis, if you think the exchange rate makes my services too expensive for you or I am too expensive for you – I tell you something. The exchange rate is not the issue nor am I and it would be helpful for you to see a different perspective and be very aware of the words you are using to describe your finances.

Money is your messenger. It’s telling you something. Believe me. I’ve been where you are. I thought the same. And over the years I’ve come to appreciate money as my messenger and teacher.

Money is energy and talks to you like your Angels. It will often tell you that you don’t have the money to buy the stuff your mind tells you to buy, because you simply don’t need it. We’ve all grown up in consumerism and still live in it. 90% of the stuff you can buy isn’t really needed. Not only that, this stuff cloggs your energy and acts like a bumper between you and your Angels and Spirit and your Soul. As soon as your Soul starts to guide you on a spiritual path, money will become an issue as a sign that you don’t need that stuff and it isn’t good for you.

This also applies to services like mine. If your Soul and your Angels are trying to get you acquainted with your intuition and their signs, money will be the issue that prevents you from purchasing my services, because your Soul wants you to stop relying on others. That doesn’t mean you can never buy my services. But if you really need them and value them, you will notice that money is no issue or you will find a way to receive the money you need. You can even ask me for advice regarding this.

Money is teaching you what you need and what you don’t need. Money is also teaching you about your self-worth and how you value what you need and how you prioritise it or not. What in your life do you really want right now and think you don’t have the money for it? What in your life can you let go of to free the money it costs and use it for what you really want?

I have learned over the years that there are things and services in my life that I value very much and that the money I need for them is there at the right time, because I make those things a priority. That includes my home, food for myself and my cat, my car, my health insurance, a monthly osteopathy session, supplements my body needs to be painfree and organic clothing so I can feel comfortable. Other things I only need once every few months or even every few years. This can be an online course, a new iPhone, a printer, new card decks.

Money is a messenger and a teacher. You can talk to it. Take some quiet time for yourself, put a note of the currency of your country in front of you and ask questions. “What do you want to tell me right now? What do you want me to know about my finances? What messages are you trying to give me?” Listen to the answers and write them down.

It also helps to regularly clear the energies of your bank accounts and other accounts you have like Paypal. I do that every day. They accumulate energy that doesn’t serve you like you do every day. Energy clearing is so much underestimated. It can totally change your life around.

Also money is energy and wants to move freely. It doesn’t want to stay stuck on bank accounts forever. If you cling to the money you have, there’s a lack mentality and fear of not having enough and not enough to go around behind that. Release those beliefs and start a daily gratitude practise. Be grateful for what you have. Be grateful for the money you have and the money that comes in, no matter how small the account or where it comes from. Judging the source of your income is a huge block to abundance. Money belongs to no one. No source of money is better than the other nor worse. The right sources will provide for you at the right time. Behind it is only one source – the Source, Universe, God, however you want to call it.

Start seeing money as your friend. See it as the messenger and teacher that it is. Appreciate it and the insights it gives you. Change your perspective and see how it changes your life.


  1. Ilana

    Wow, your message about money is so timely Antje! Funnily, I was tempted to purchase some clothes online but really don’t NEED them and even got held back to purchase them. ?

  2. Antje (Post author)

    Thank you. This actually made me laugh.:-)

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