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Spirits showing themselves physically

The biggest appearance of spirits in visible form happened to me when I was taking part in my first marchmeetthemaker challenge in March 2018. That was one month before I officially started this business and I wanted to use the challenge to get going.

I took a selfie on March 3, 2018 and posted it with a post. A few weeks later one of my followers messaged me and showed me in screenshots who had been appearing behind me in that photo. She didn’t know who they were, but I did. 

In that moment, I felt so supported by spirit and literally blown away by what they are capable of when it comes to sending signs.

I explain what you see in the photos:

Photo 1: original photo of me, slightly retouched by my follower


Photo 2: eyes in the tree above my head, a tree spirit

Photo 3: up in the tree, blueish, a wood gnome & at bottom of the tree, leaning against it, grandparents of my twinflame

Photo 4: to the very left of the picture it looks like an open snake mouth, that is Isis who actually made me post this post today 

Photo 5: When she wrote that there were 6 babies and what seems to be a lady in the middle, I knew it was my 6 children and my grandmother.

Photo 6: structure on my forehead, like an orb, my grandmother and my children together

It was also significant that this happened on 3/3/2018, because 33 is Ascended Masters and Jesus who I work with and they guide me and support me.

I am now starting to teach Mediumship. If you are interested, email me.

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