Antje Roggemann Medium

5 Year Anniversary

Today 5 years ago I officially started my business Antje Roggemann Medium. My Instagram page and my Facebook page I had already started at the end of 2016. But in April 2018 I officially started with my services and developed the online courses. And it went from there.

I just googled myself this morning, something I usually don’t do, but it opened my eyes to how much I have created and achieved in those 5 years. And very synchronistically people who I have helped and inspired shared that in posts yesterday and today. Not to forget my current clients who keep telling me regularly how I help them and how their life changes, because of working with me.

I know that I have found my life purpose with this work and that I’m going to do that probably for the rest of my life. Just this morning I became aware that with that a phase of 2 decades of searching for the right thing, development, spiritual growth, learning and practicing my abilities, opening and shutting down other businesses ends. And I am truly grateful that I have arrived in me and who I really am and what is my calling.

Thank you to everyone who has ever followed me, supported me, worked with me, helped me in any way on my journey. Thank you to all of you, my current followers, subscribers, clients and colleagues and friends. I could not do any of this without you.

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