Antje Roggemann Medium

Reflecting on 10 months of being a digital nomad

I’m reflecting back on 10 months of being a digital nomad and preparing to end this chapter of my life in the coming weeks/months.

Those 10 months changed everything for me, and I’m so grateful to myself that I did this. I am a different person than the one who left Germany last August. I have released so much more trauma and pain that I didn’t even know was still there. My body is different because of it. I have released decades of negativity and disappointment that I had accumulated. I have released family patterns and financial losses. I have turned my finances around and keep paying back my overdraft. I have changed the business and how I create content. My services and prices have changed. And the whole journey changed all my relationships too. There’s literally nothing that’s the same.

And even though it was hard in between, I’m constantly in tears now because I realize that this journey is coming to an end soon. I’m really curious how it will feel to be back in Germany as a different person with different perspectives on the country that I left last year.

And this whole journey also still has a past life healing component, healing from inquisition and the aftermath.

In more than one past life I had to flee into exile and could not return. Now I can return, and it is healing. In another past life, the church tried to kill me for the work I am doing now. And now I get to do it and be safe while doing so.

Also in a past life, a man I loved had to flee due to threats on his life and for a decade I had no clue where he was. When he returned, he still got killed. During the past years I went through a healing process from this trauma. And I just realized that now I can watch him from afar in this life and be happy that he is happy and be happy that I am happy. And it feels like I have gone through the grieving and release process that I didn’t go through in that past life. I feel I have let go and arrived in my life.

And now I am ready for a new start in Germany.

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