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Holly helped me overcome fears of mediumship

My cat Holly passed away on June 17, 2015, 8 years ago, after an 8 months cancer journey. I want to share how she helped me overcome fears of mediumship and spirit communication after her passing.

Back then there were quite a few things that scared me about mediumship, because I didn’t know them or couldn’t imagine them. Holly took on the task to take away those fears as a means of saying Thank you for my love and care throughout her cancer journey and her life.

During the time she had cancer we got very close. I took care of her round the clock, so I knew her energy very well. Because of that, I could easily recognize her after her passing when she came to me. That enabled her to do all the things I was scared of and take away my fears.

Only minutes after her passing I clairvoyantly saw her flying around in the garden happy to be free. I had never experienced that before.

One or two days after her passing I stood at the kitchen window looking into the garden, and suddenly my belly and chest and face started tingling and getting warm. My whole upper body soon tingled and got warm. I asked in my mind what or who it was and saw a picture of Holly pop up in my inner vision. So, I knew it was her merging her energy with mine. This is one way spirits can make contact.

Often I would sit on my floor bed in my room. When she was sick, she used to lie on my bed and sleep there. After her passing, I would suddenly feel her next to me on my bed. 

One day, I was sitting on my bed, nobody else was in the room with me. Suddenly I heard a loud noise with my physical hearing. I startled and listened and asked inside “What was that?”. I heard it again. And again. And again. And then I started laughing, because I realized that it was Holly making the noise. Making loud noises that everyone can hear physically has become Holly’s signature sign.

She also would project her energy into Artemis, her brother, and make him play like she did. We had a square rattan table standing next to the sofa. It had rattan all around. Holly would throw herself on the floor, grab with her claws into the rattan and pull herself around the table in a crazy speed. She loved that game. Artemis never did that ever. Until she had passed. One day he suddenly threw himself on the floor next to that table, put his claws into the rattan and pulled himself around. I was staring at him in disbelief and then I felt Holly. She had projected her energy onto him and made him do her play. That would also happen frequently.

Artemis would also see her. He would walk through the flat and suddenly freeze and stare into a corner. When I looked and felt into that corner, I could feel Holly there.

Holly also pointed me to Mediumship books about animals by Gordon Smith. 

Every time I became afraid to loose the connection with her, because we moved, she found a way to show me that she was still here and would never be far away. That helped me over the years to release that fear. She still shows up with her surprising loud noises to this day, no matter where I am.





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