Antje Roggemann Medium

Angel signs and spirit communication from my children, animals & spirit guides

Since I arrived here in Lorsch on August 1, I have been receiving Angel signs and spirit communication from my children and animals and spirit guides every day.

On the first evening I went to the Old Abbey area and saw a huge Angel cloud covering half the sky and a second one later on. 

On the second evening I went for a walk through the whole Unesco World Heritage site and my friend Monika who had been a medium connected with me from the other side. She reminded me of the 2nd anniversary of her passing at the end of August and also gave me an idea following a question I had been internally asking for a few days. Monika was the medium who my children used first to give me messages in 2017 when she was still in her body. Today she is one of my mediumship guides.

Also on the second evening on my walk I sat down on old abbey walls and was literally attacked by a butterfly and immediately heard the name Jonas who is one of my twin sons. It was his sign. This butterfly kept circling me the whole time I sat there. When I got up to walk back, I saw a women with a smiling Golden Retriever and knew that it was a sign from Eltje, our dog. And when I walked back through town, I suddenly clairvoyantly saw and felt myself surrounded by tall young men holding my hands. My sons. Suddenly I was surrounded by all my children showing themselves as grownups. These walks together were something I experienced right after loosing the pregnancies 10-14 years ago. Back then when I went on walks, I would find myself surrounded by toddlers and often had a baby on my arm, all only visible to me. All my children. I have not had that experience since. Until last week. I was so grateful.

On the third evening I came to the Abbey area and was met by a huge rainbow that became double at times and stood there for 15 minutes. When it disappeared, I wanted to take a photo of the sunset, and by zooming in with my camera I realized that in front of me two cars were parked with 888 and 555 on their number plates. Angel signs. 

I have received signs and communication every day since, even when I couldn’t go outside because of the weather. Hendrik, my ex-husband, sent me a video with cute rabbits and I knew it was a sign from our rabbits. I kept seeing butterflies circling me and more smiling Golden Retrievers. Artemis, my cat, shows up online daily with his typical advertisement with his name. My children had me watch One Voice Children’s Choir videos and then while listening, they send me a huge wave of love energy which always leaves me in tears.

And last night I realized that right now I feel like I have a family, a feeling I haven’t had for years. I didn’t even know it was possible with all my children and pets on the other side. 

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