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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 3 – Archangel Michael

Todays’s interview is with Archangel Michael, the Archangel of protection and clearing out negative energies and cutting our cords to what no longer serves us. Thank you Michael for stepping forward to share your view.

Me: “Archangel Michael, Is it cool to be an Angel?”

Archangel Michael: “It is quite cool. Of course I don’t know anything else than being an Archangel. So it helps to find that cool. Otherwise I would be quite miserable. ?”

His presence is very calm and safe and I love his humour. He is always up for a joke or making me laugh in any way, making me see the humour in any situation.

Me: “So, Michael, what is so especially cool about being an Archangel? What do you like about your existence and your tasks and areas of responsibility?”

Archangel Michael: “I love to make people feel safe in an instant. You can call upon me any time, even in your sleep or in dreams to make you feel safe. I can be with everyone on this planet at the same time. That is a special gift Archangels have. So you are not taking me away from anyone, if you call me to help you.”

“I love to clear out whole areas on the Earth from negativity. I will do this when people ask me to do it as well as on my own when I see that it’s needed and people are ready to step up and grow to the next level of their personal spiritual development. You can call on me any time to clear your being and your home and workplace, any place really from negativity and lower energies. And I will immediately do that. It takes only seconds and you can feel it.”

“This is also something health professionals and healers could learn to improve their practise and wellbeing. Ask me to clear your practise from old energies, from the energies of patients that have been there that day. It will immediately shift the feeling that you have in your practise and patients will notice it too. Also, very important, ask me to clear your energy of anything that does not belong to you. Healers often take on stuff from their patients’ energy fields and it makes them tired and lets them feel feelings that are not their own. Asking me to clear that will make you feel better and lighter right away. And I love doing that. I love to help that way.”

Me: “Is there anything in your life or tasks that you find challenging? Or is that only a human feeling?”

Archangel Michael: “The most challenging feeling for me is when people don’t know about me and I could help them in an instant. That’s why I’m so glad about you and your work and that of all your Angel Card Reader colleagues and anyone who talks and teaches about angels. I would absolutely love when every parent would teach their children to call me when they are afraid. It’s just beautiful for me to make children feel safe again. I can also help mothers feel safe during childbirth and I love doing that.”

“I am here like every other Angel and Archangel on this planet to support you and every human being and every animal of course. You can call me to help your animals as well. Please know that I never feel bothered by anyone asking me for help. As an Angel I have unlimited energy. I don’t need to sleep or rest. You can call me anytime and as often as you like. I’m here to help you. Use that. It makes me sad to see people struggle on their own when I could help.”

“Anyone who reads this, please share what you know about angels with others. Share what you know about me. Share this interview. Let people and children know that they are never alone and that I am always available at any time to help. Call on me to protect you, to clear your energies and to protect your children and your animals and anyone that you love.”

“Oh, I’m also quite good with any kind of technical stuff. If your car doesn’t work or any other device, ask me to fix it. I love doing that. If I can’t do it on my own, I will guide you to get further help.”

“Please spread the word and help people to know about me and how I can help. And if you don’t know what to say to ask me for help, just call in your mind or loud “Michael, please help”. That’s enough. I will be there immediately.”

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak and taking the time to record this and share it, Antje. ?”

Me: “My absolute pleasure. Thank you for your presence and help in my life and on this planet. ?❤️”


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