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Is it cool to be an Angel? – Interview 4 – Archangel Fhelyai

Today’s interview is with Archangel Fhelyai (spoken: Feliae), the Angel of animals. His colour is a sunny yellow. Let’s see what he has to say.

Me: “Welcome Archangel Fhelyai. Thank you for asking to be interviewed.”

Archangel Fhelyai: “You’re welcome. I like what you are doing and would love to contribute.” ☺

Me: “Archangel Fhelyai, is it cool to be an Angel or Archangel in your case?”

Archangel Fhelyai: “It absolutely is. I love being an Angel and I love being the Angel of animals.”

Me: “Why is it cool and what do you love about it?”

Archangel Fhelyai: “Well, I love helping animals and I love to help people connect to their animals and the animal world in general even deeper than before. Being an Angel helps, because I’m not bound to one location or person. I can move from Canada to Bali to Germany in an instant and help whereever I feel help and guidance is needed right now.”

“My perception is not limited to what is in front of me. I get messages from animals asking for help and from people asking for help for their animals from all over the world and I can react in them immediately. I also can be at several places at a time.”

“Now there’s something I would like everyone to know who reads this interview. People tend to judge themselves for not being vegan these days. Stop that. You are only adding to the negative energy on this planet by judging yourself or others. Human bodies were never meant to be vegan. They are changing right now, so that more and more people have the ability to be vegan. But right now not everyone can choose that path.”

“Acknowledge what you as humanity have changed in regards to animals in the past 100 years worldwide. Look at that timespan, so that you actually realise the big changes that have been made.”

“Know that I’m always at your side, if you want to help animals and you can always ask me what you can do for the highest good of the animals of this planet. But make sure that you don’t sacrifice your own health and be kind to other people. Don’t replace meat with ‘vegan’ highly manufactured supermarket crap. Your body won’t like that.”

“It is cool to be an Angel, because I can see every single one of you and your contributions to this planet’s growth and change. I see everything that’s happening everywhere and there are so many good people on this planet. If you read, you are likely one of them.”

“I’m unlimited. I can help you always, at any time, at any place. Call on me if your pet is sick or you want a closer connection or you want to help other animals, also wild ones. You can ask me to go to other people, i.e. your neighbours or friends to help them with their animals. You can ask me to work with people who are Animal healers. Simply call me and I will be there.”

Me: “Thank you so much, Archangel Fhelyai, for this interview.”

Archangel Fhelyai: “You are more than welcome, all of you.”

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