Antje Roggemann Medium

Influx of light raising vibration

I have been watching some videos by Pam Gregory, astrologer, and am trying to bring this together with what I and also Alaya have observed and experienced this year with our work.

Pam Gregory talks about the current solar cycle bringing more and more light and high frequencies to the earth and into our bodies and energy fields. This will intensify in 2024. In 2023 we had an extraordinary number of M-class and X-class solar flares, more than ever before in the past years. This will increase in 2024 as the maximum of the current solar cycle is forecast for January til October 2024.

In 2023 I have received more new Healing services for you than in any other year before. I’ve added Reiki Sessions for Energy Clearing & Energy Boost to clear your energy and bring in high vibrational energy. And we developed Life Clearing Sessions to remove spirits & earthbound spirits & trauma and bring in high vibrational healing frequencies.

I have also gone through more energetic upgrades this year than in any year before. 

We have experienced that our work is removing darkness aka trauma, spirits and earthbound spirits from the energy fields of people and bringing in light in the form of healing frequencies. 

Alaya through our work has seen our energy fields grow huge and bright light. And I have been reminded often by the Angels that my energy field is always working and clearing wherever I am.

I was also reminded of a Reiki session a client received from me in August, where the client went live on her own Instagram account afterwards and talked about the Reiki session. And when Alaya saw the video, she wrote to me about how radiant the client is after the Reiki session with me and how she had so much bright light around her crown chakra.

DM or email me, if you want to book Healing Sessions, Reiki Sessions or Life Clearing Sessions.

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