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Black Magic Removal on the Aquarius Super New Moon

Today is the Super New Moon in Aquarius, and tomorrow is Lunar New Year starting the Year of the Wood Dragon. In Chinese astrology today is a Remove Day, and that was so fitting for today’s task.

We did a Life Clearing Session to remove several earthbound spirits from a client’s energy field. But this time the focus was actually not on the earthbound spirits. The focus was on removing black magic. Yes, you read that right.

Life Clearing Session Black Magic Removal

The test at the beginning of the session revealed 4 earthbound spirits (one more than in the last test), several negative thought elementals, 2 Jacob’s ladder curses (not relevant for today) and several layers of Black Magic.

The test also revealed that the earthbound spirits were bound by the black magic. Our task today was to release the black magic. It was an arduous task.

We found out that the client had taken on/inherited the black magic from both parents. And they had taken it on from both their ancestral lines. Our task was to remove it not only from the client, but also from the ancestral lines.

We started with the black magic inherited from the mother and her family line. It took more than 1 hour and lots of frequencies, prayers and a Cutting Circle to remove the black magic from the client and the maternal ancestral line. With that 2 of the earthbound spirits left as well.

We then went on to remove the black magic inherited from the father and his ancestral line. It took another Cutting Circle, lots of frequencies and a prayer to remove the black magic from the client and the paternal ancestral line. In this case the black magic was fully removed from the client. One more earthbound spirit left as well. But from the paternal ancestral line it was only removed what we were allowed to remove, not all. For more the parents would need to be treated on their own.

One earthbound spirit is still in the client’s energy field. This has to be released in an extra Life Clearing Session.

All negative thought elementals have been released.

A second Life Clearing Session is needed to deal with and remove the earthbound spirit that is still in the client’s energy field and other issues from the list of topics that the client gave us. It was way too much for one session.


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