Antje Roggemann Medium

My Mediumship journey startet with Barney in 2006, 17 years ago

I had a large group of rabbits in a species appropriate outdoor enclosure. He was one of them. He was such a goofy character, and I absolutely loved him.

I only had him for half a year when he got very sick. We fought for his life for about a year, but eventually he passed.

Looking back, during this journey with him, I experienced several firsts. I knew what illness he had, the vet didn’t. Tests revealed I was right. That just knowing was claircognizance.

He became resistant to antibiotics and because of that I switched to natural healing and energy healing.

And one evening we sat with him in front of the fire and said Goodbye. We just knew. The next morning he had passed.

I later learned that I often know when animals die or when humans have entered their dying process.

I had a really hard time with his passing. So, when I received my Reiki 2 attunements, I connected with him on the other side and sent Reiki healing in the whole situation with him back in the past. That was my first spirit connection.

Today I know that it was Barney’s job to move me into natural healing and energy healing and connect me to the spirit world.


Watch this 90 second short to hear and see the whole story.

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