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Writing a Businessplan

I’m currently writing a Businessplan to secure my funding for March til August. To my great surprise it brought up emotions and pressure from the time of my first Businessplan and self-employment 14 years ago. Another chance for healing.

Self-employment isn’t new for me. It has been part of my life for 14 years. It is part of who I am. But up until now it never felt like I was fulfilling my real purpose. It always felt like there was something missing and there must be more. I always did something I was good at, but at some point it stopped being fun or it didn’t work out at all.

When I started being self-employed I worked as a freelance editor, but working alone at home all day wasn’t what I could deal with at that time. So I switched to doing promotions and working as an event hostess for agencies. Parallel to that I trained to become an animal healer, because I loved animals and we had a lot in our family. I eventually opened a mobile practise for dogs, cats and rabbits, but that never really worked out.

For years I supported my former husband in his business as wedding photographer. And eventually I turned my longtime hobby of selling used books into a business. This was the first time I felt like having a purpose, because it was guided by the angels and I realised that I was helping people to let go of old things they no longer needed. Nevertheless it only brought the income of a part-time job. I ended this business in March 2017 after my former husband and I had separated and I moved from the Baltic Sea to Southern Germany.

When I was asked to write a Businessplan for 2018-2020 in December 2017 by the people from the State Agency which currently supports me financially, I felt a lot of resistance come up. I also felt a lot of pain which was caused by feeling not understood in what I was doing and what I had already achieved even though I completely changed my life last year. I realised that they had no clue that being a Medium, Channel, Certified Angel Card Reader and Author is my purpose and my life and not just a job.

When I came home I looked online for the instructions for a Businessplan and read them and something started working inside of me. When I went for a walk later that day I was suddenly surrounded by a whole lot of Angels that I had not known before who all wanted to support me in writing this Businessplan and actually doing a planning before. There were Business Angels and Marketing Angels, Financing Angels and Social Media Marketing Angels. One of the Guardian Angels of my osteopath gave herself the title and job of being my Pricing Manager which made me laugh, but she is really good.

Over the coming weeks ideas came to me that I did not have before. The Angels guided me to also channel Email Courses as part of my business. I found a publisher who wants to publish the Angel Interviews book with me. Creating Oracle Cards came up as an idea. More book ideas came to me as well as the idea of a membership platform.

The first thing I did to adapt this Businessplan venture to my needs was asking for a new due date at the end of February, because finishing it in January felt wrong and there was too much pressure on me. The second thing was to ask my former husband for a call, because I felt stuck with the thought of writing that Businessplan for somebody else and needed his insight. He advised me to write it for myself and to make sure that I wanted everything in it to come true. That cleared my biggest blockage. Thank you again for that one.

When the Super Blue Blood Moon neared it became clear that writing the Businessplan would start February 1st. So on that day in the morning I printed out the instructions and read through them. I immediately felt lost, confused and my body blocked and froze and my muscles were tense. I asked the Angels for help and they told me to let it go, put it aside. In the evening I was guided to pull a card from the Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce. While I was chanting the sound from the description for the card, text started flowing through me and I took a pen and wrote everything down. And that’s how we do it now. In the morning I read the instructions and then let it go. In the evening I pull a card and chant and write down what comes through.

When I read through the texts that came through I realised that this is not just a Businessplan. It is also a teaching for someone who obviously needs a new input in seeing business and the world in general. Maybe I share some of it in the following weeks.

My Businessplan is due on February 20th, 2018. Until then I will keep writing and typing it. Parallel to this I’m learning Canva to give my creativity a new tool to play with. And I will also look into MailChimp to finally set up a newsletter for my website and to have a tool with which I can send out my Email Courses.

I appreciate everyone of you who buys private readings from me. You support my business by doing so and give me numbers for my Businessplan calculations. ? Keep it up please. I’m grateful for every reading I can do for you. ❤

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