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What Twinflame Relationships Without Union Teach Us

Right now I have a lot of women contacting me about relationships with questions like „When will I marry?“, „Why do I experience separation with this man?“, „Why is he in another relationship and when will we be together?“.

Most of these relationships are twinflame relationships that do not experience union right now. And there are reasons for that.

Twinflame Relationships are Meant to Help You Grow and Heal

These relationships are meant to help you grow and heal. They are especially meant to help you let go of outdated beliefs about yourself and how relationships have to be. Even more so they are here to help you heal your codependency issues.

If the only thing on your mind is marriage and a love relationship, then you are experiencing codependency issues and outdated beliefs about yourself and what you are here for. A lot of women experience exactly that right now. And it comes up, because it is outdated and needs to be released from the collective consciousness and from your personal consciousness.

Women Right Now are Asked to Step Into Their Power

Women right now are meant to build a life of their own and let go of the belief that they need a man to be complete. You are being asked to build a life of your own with a job or business, with friends and family and with all activities that you want in your life for yourself. You are asked to be financially self-sustaining and let go of the belief that you need a man to take care of you.

As long as you are attached to wanting a relationship and a marriage, you will not get it. You have to let that go. You have to surrender that to God and the Angels and follow the guidance you are getting for your personal life.

Create a Life That You Love

Create a life that you love. Learn to be content and o.k. with being with yourself. It is necessary. And make sure that you understand that you maintain your life and all you have implemented when you meet your twinflame at the right time to be in a relationship on eye level. This relationship is not meant to allow you to revert back to outdated behaviours and beliefs of your past. It is meant to teach you about the personal power you have to create the life you want. And it is meant to bring up anything that stands in the way of that to heal it and let it go.


  1. Alexandra

    Love this. I definitely have seen the way losing my twin made me face all these things and work on my own life, career, codependency, so much. Thanks for this. ❤️

  2. Linda Shepard

    Thank you. Perfect timing. ☺

  3. Julia

    Thanks very much for this Antje. It makes complete sense to me right now ???

  4. Diane

    Definitely. I am in a twin flame relationship, he has taught me so much. How to love myself and be independent, to go out there and live my life.
    I love him for that, unconditionally.??

  5. Fatima

    All is correct .. I have expearienced all this , i’m trying now to make him open mind that we are just friends

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