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Energy Clearing for Humanity and Planet Earth – Are You Doing It?

If you want to help raise the consciousness of humanity and leave a cleaner, healthier Earth for generations to come, you have to look at your own sh*t of the past and clear it. If you want a better world, you need to start with yourself. Energy Clearing is part of that, the biggest part if you ask me.

I‘m a Clearing Medium. In the past that meant my aura would pick up people’s energies or a pet‘s pain when I was giving reiki and clearing that through me. That was not a pleasant experience and I absolutely disliked it. That’s when the Angels taught me Energy Clearing and spiritual protection. I stopped giving hands on treatments. Over time I stopped picking up so much from people, I immediately recognized it when I did and could clear it right away.

Today it is part of my mission to teach Energy Clearing and aligning with higher energies and guidance. You as well as everyone else on this planet are becoming more and more sensitive to energies. That is part of the evolution of mankind and Mother Earth. You need to know how to clear and protect your energy and raise your vibration. You need to clear out the stuff from your past that keeps you bound to lower vibrations.

I have more than 8.000 followers. The „Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course“ should be filled with hundreds of people, but it currently has only about 5 or 6.

Why is that?

Do you know Energy Clearing already and have cleared out your past internally and physically?

Is it money that’s holding you back?

Do you understand that you are part of the generation that will not leave this planet without having cleared their energetic internal and external clutter of the past? If you don’t clear it, life will make you clear it in the years to come.

What is holding you back to tackle this task now?

I would love to know your answers to those questions.


To learn more about Energy Clearing, take the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course.

Energy & Clutter Clearing Course

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