Antje Roggemann Medium

Major Shift & Release

For the past few months since leaving the aggressive home I have been going through a major shift and release of old stuff and energy. Every month there is more I‘m being guided to release.

At the same time I have been retraining myself to let go more, to let go and let God, to pray and hold intentions. For the past 8 weeks I have been reading and practicing Tosha Silver‘s new book „It’s Not Your Money“ and it has shifted me into releasing ownership of money and the business to God. It is a practice. Attachment and fear still come back. But the whole program has led to me finding a new balance in how much energy I put out and in which ways and opened myself more to receiving.

Right now I am experiencing a new development phase in my sensory abilities and another opening of my third eye which makes me extremely sensitive to people, noises and anything going on in my life. A lot is tiring my very easily right now. I also feel more connected and receive more and clearer guidance. And my work is shifting and I don’t yet know how this is going to turn out.

I am remembering the work I did as a priestess in Atlantis and I‘m bringing it back into my work today. Back then I was working amongst other things with children and parents. Parents would come to the temple with their newborns and I as a priestess would look at their energy and see their abilities and I would guide the parents how they could best support their child in developing its abilities and talents. This work is coming back to me now in the form of Guardian Angel Channelings for Children and Unborn Babies and in the form of Live Coaching Sessions for parents.

Right now I am also going through a major release of negativity. This week especially I am catching myself when I go into old negative thought patterns like giving up the business because money has not been coming for the past 15 days or anger and resentment coming up towards people. I am also praying to release the need to control the timing of anything and the need to control people’s reactions.

And to my shock and surprise I am now also releasing all of Doreen Virtue‘s card decks after her negative post a few days ago which seems to have been on everyone‘s not disciplined mind during the past days. After that also landed in my DMs, I realized that not following her isn’t enough for me anymore. Her name and energy have become so repelling for me that I can’t stand seeing her name anymore and I surely don’t want to have it in the work I do. So I will not only release all her card decks but also the title I have as a Certified Angel Card Reader and the associated logo. I simply can’t have that energy anymore.

With that being said, I am not sure whether I still keep posting cards. I know you all like it, but also for me it doesn’t pay off. There’s thousands of people following me, yet I still struggle with money, because most of you don’t pay anything to recharge and exchange my energy. And in the end for me it comes down to being able to pay the rent, health insurance and groceries. I will keep following my guidance and if it says ‚Get a job‘, I will. That’s what releasing ownership and attachment is about.

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