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Artemis and his signs from the spirit world

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Artemis’ passing. He used the 444 portal on April 4, 2020 to leave his body. I knew I was meant to write this post and share about the signs he has been sending, but I had trouble doing it yesterday. Artemis noticed and started showing up every time I opened Instagram or Facebook with his most used sign, the arthemisclothing ad (screenshot). He made me laugh and eventually he made me cry and I realized that there was grief blocking my connection and it needed to be released.

Grief can block our connection to the other side to receive messages or signs from loved ones. So, I was guided to go through a routine to raise my vibration to enable a connection. I started with saying the Daily Alignment Prayer and all other prayers I have. I then went into Mindfulness Meditation and that’s when messages started to flow in, text pieces. 

And then I was guided to do the Connect to Spirit Meditation that I have from Shawn Leonard where you meet someone in the spirit world, you go there. This time I met a Mediumship guide who I call dad, because he was my father in another lifetime and has stepped up to be a supporting father energy in this life backing me up, because I don’t have that from my biological father. And he brought in Artemis. I saw him like he was in the physical world. I picked him up, cuddled him, kissed his paw like I had always done (photo) and tears were flowing. I asked him for a message and a sign. And then Holly came in too. I haven’t seen her since her passing in 2015. I picked her up, cuddled her (second to last photo) and by now I was crying a lot, but I was also so glad to see them and hold them and cuddle them.

Artemis has been sending many signs right after his passing until now. He never stopped. Holly too. Two hours after his passing I smelled a familiar smell of his in the bathroom. I knew it was him and the sign I had asked for. He kept showing signs. Smells in the beginning. A message from a medium who was a client (screenshot). Butterflies when I was at his grave (photo). But he quickly started to let his name show up in all sorts of ways as a sign. You see some examples in the screenshots. The name of the goddess Artemis. Lindsay Stirling’s album Artemis and the most famous that he uses til today arthemisclothing.

Holly’s most famous sign is noise. She will make loud noises in the room or flat or house that not only I can hear. Sometimes she also shows up like in the last photo where she imprinted her energy into that cat figure on the left.

I have learned that we can maintain our relationships to the loved ones who have passed. Those relationships even still keep developing and evolving while we are communicating with them and exchanging signs and taking the time to sit and tune in and listen to what they want us to know.

If you want to learn that and improve your connection to the other side and your loved ones, learn Mediumship with me in Healing Sessions.

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