Antje Roggemann Medium

Acknowledging what I have created in the past years

I am sitting in front of this fire today (in Bulgaria) acknowledging what I have created in the past years. 

The last time I sat in front of a fire was nearly 6 years ago in a house at the Baltic Sea (Germany). I was just separated. My then husband was away over the Christmas holidays. I remember a lot of fear and insecurity. I didn’t know where I would go.

Back then I wanted to create the business that I now have as an Angel Medium and healer. I didn’t know how to get there, but I got here, one step at a time. I just looked at my website, all the services I have created, the online courses, the book, the Instagram and Facebook pages, a YouTube channel and newsletter. And I have done it all by myself with the help of Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters.

Back then I was in a lot of physical pain. I had adrenal fatigue and all the symptoms associated with it. I was grieving the “loss” of my 6 children, yet at the same time they used a medium I had got to know through a Facebook group to come through and give me a message for the first time through someone else. Which blew me away. In those past years I worked with my first osteopath and several others and my naturopath of 16 years to release a lot of past life trauma, childhood trauma, ancestral trauma which was creating physical pain. With patience and perseverance and lots of supplements and dietary changes I healed my body from adrenal fatigue. Today I am healthier than I ever was in my life. Through all the healing I also became the trauma healer I am today.

In those past years I went through a lot of abusive and financially abusive situations in a job I had to take, in flat shares with landlords/landladies and flat mates alike and even a sexually abusive situation with someone I knew. All this taught me to say No in a way I never had before, set boundaries like I never did before and quit relationships that were not for my highest good. In the past few months I quit the relationship with my parents (finally), with flat mates, my latest landlords and the flat, even with the country I lived in for nearly 46 years and my German health insurance. Being a Clearing Medium through birth, this process made me an Energy Clearing Master and I said No like never before.

Back then I had an online used books business that only brought in a few hundred Euros each month which wasn’t enough to cover the costs. I closed it when I moved cross country to get the help I needed. I had to get financial state support. I really wanted to be financially self-sufficient, but I had to go through ups and downs to get to where I am today. I had to go back to financial state support twice and then needed to use my overdraft to finally free myself from it. And because I still had financial anxiety and felt like I was only ever working to cover fix costs and sometimes large amounts, I decided to quit Germany and all contracts. I only kept the ones that are for the business and not fear based. Now I have my income and due to very low costs, I don’t have financial anxiety anymore.

Back then I had joined the Certified Angel Card Reader group and found supporting women who were on a similar path. I also got to know the medium who brought my children through and after passing last year is now my spirit guide. Now I am a member of Spirit Talker Tribe by Shawn Leonard with hundreds of women and men who are learning together and sharing their stories and supporting each other. And I’m grateful to be part of it.

I am sharing my story here to encourage you to keep going, no matter where you are and even if you don’t know your next step. I had no clue nearly 6 years ago where I would be now. I didn’t even believe in my own healing back then, because of the pain I was in. Yet I did heal with the help of numerous healers. And this is one big lesson I keep repeating to my followers and clients: You cannot heal your trauma on your own. Get help. But healing is always possible.

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