Antje Roggemann Medium

Successes of 3 months as a digital nomad

  • fully terminated & paid off my German health insurance
  • fully terminated & paid off my German liability insurance
  • paid off all other open bills
  • reduced costs from 2.100€ in August in Germany to an average of 1.100€ in Sept./Oct./Nov. in Bulgaria and North Macedonia (that still includes several 100€/month paying off bills)
  • Did my 2021 income tax statement
  • got 3 new Healing Session clients and one new Reading client
  • had 2 months of about 200€ more income than costs
  • Reduced the use of my overdraft which will reduce interest I pay
  • started Spirit Talker Tribe Online Course to further train my communication with spirit & joined the community
  • rested and slept as much as I haven’t in a long time
  • realized that this is the first time in my life that I have time only for myself and I’m really enjoying it
  • released stress, heavy energies, financial anxiety and a lot of muscle tension
  • Started to learn more design with Canva and really had fun being creative and trying new features
  • Cooked for myself every day and enjoyed it so much. Still do.
  • Lived in Bansko, Bulgaria, a mountain town for nearly 3 months and explored nature there.
  • Moved to Gevgelija, North Macedonia for the next 3 months and just started exploring here.
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