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A Different View On Energy Clearing And Pollution

Most people think of pollution as plastics in the oceans or air pollution. That’s what shows up on Facebook nearly every day.

I find this view very limited on the physical appearance of pollution. There’s a spiritual law that says „As inside, so outside“. For me physical pollution of the Earth is a physical representation of pollution on the inside.

Suppressed emotions and accumulated energies are pollution

A lot of people still run around with suppressed emotions and full of old energies they have accumulated in their energy fields over years. Wherever they go, they emit those energies into their surroundings. This is emotional and energetic pollution. And in my opinion this then shows up as physical pollution.

Yes, we can take on physical pollution. But to only focus on that is not enough for me. If you have never looked and felt and released your suppressed emotions from your past, you are polluting the Earth with them. If you have not yet learned Energy Clearing and made it a daily practise like brushing your teeth, you are polluting the Earth with your old energies.

Take responsibility for your emotions and energies

I suggest you take responsibility for the emotions and energies you carry and emit. Then you are automatically taking responsibility for reducing pollution on Earth.

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