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Do You Do Energy Clearing Every Day?

  • Are you a sensitive, empath or someone with psychic abilities and pick up other people’s energies?
  • Are you a mom, aunt or grandmother who regularly cares for her children or that of family members and friends?
  • Do you want to work in a spiritual business or have your own business with customer contact (local or online)?
  • Does your life seem complicated, chaotic and cluttered?
  • Do you regularly care for other people or work 1:1 with others?
  • Are you a healer, therapist, coach, card reader who regularly picks up their clients’ energies?
  • Are you a teacher or work with groups of people or work in buildings with many humans?

If you belong to any of these groups, you pick up energies that are not your own on a daily basis or every time you are with people. If people come to your house or practise/office, they leave their energies there with you.

You accumulate other people’s energies

If you don’t know how to clear those energies out after having been together with people or having had them visit you, you accumulate other people‘s energies in your energy field, home and/or practise/office. That will make you feel drained and tired. It can cause you to feel sad or depressed and those are likely not your feelings but those that others left with you. It can also cause clutter to appear in your house and surroundings. Over time it can make your life feel chaotic and foreign and as if nothing works out.

Why the Angels taught me Energy Clearing

I have experienced all this and that is why the Angels taught me Energy Clearing. If I am unprotected, my energy field picks up other people’s energies to clear them through me. That is not a nice feeling and I didn’t like that at all. This is why Energy Clearing for me became a habit that I do several times a day. It makes me feel good and be and feel like myself.

Energy Clearing helps you to make feel good decisions

It also helps to set clear boundaries, because if you know your own energies and feel how they feel, you can also feel other people’s energies. You can then decide whether it feels good to be with a certain person or not and make decisions to only spend time with people who feel good for you. You also can feel how certain activities make you feel and choose only those that make you feel good.

But to get there, you have to start with daily Energy Clearing in your own energy field and body and home and practise/office first.

Honest Self-Assessment

Do you actually do Energy Clearing? Do you actually know how to do it? Give yourself an honest self-assessment.

If you don’t do it, start learning it and doing it.

Take the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course.

Energy & Clutter Clearing Course

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