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Why Writing A Businessplan For Your Business Is Important

During the past 6 months by writing my own businessplan and then carrying it out, I learned why it was so important to write one: Because it is ONE HUGE DETAILED INTENTION that tells the universe what you want to create and that you are committed to it.

The effect that has is enormous. You don’t need to keep all the details in mind later. In fact I rarely look at my businessplan now. Only to see how I am doing financially compared to the estimated numbers in the plan. Everything else seems to just play itself out, of course with the help and guidance of the Angels.

This was not the first businessplan I wrote. I first got self-employed 14 years ago. Back then I wrote my first businessplan together with a group of people who also wrote theirs. Back then I was the one to be finished first and then helped everyone else. Doing it in a group setting was easier than doing it on my own this year.

Writing A Businessplan With Angels Makes A Difference

But doing it with angels this time was what made the difference. I was suddenly surrounded by angels I didn’t even know existed. Business Angels, Marketing Angels, Financing Angels, Pricing Angels, Social Media Marketing Angels. And that made me feel less alone and ideas and services and even a publisher for a book just came to me.

I have been working with angels for the past 10 years and I wouldn’t go back to doing anything without them.

Write The Businessplan For Yourself

I was very resistant to writing my businessplan in the first place. I had to, because the state agency that was supporting me financially asked for it. A talk I had with my former husband helped me enormously. He said to me „Don’t write it for them. Write it for yourself. And write it in a way that you want what’s in there to come true.“ And so I did.

It may be unfamiliar to you in the first place to think about your target customers, the market you are in, how you can market yourself and your products, how you can appear on social media and use it for your business, look at your colleagues in the market and write down what your specialties and skills are, but I can tell you from my own experience that it helps to invest the time and energy to do it. It helps you to find your place, to know what’s unique about you and prepares you to just go forward with your business once the plan is finished.

Money Loves Attention

Putting down estimated numbers meaning costs and sales and revenue for the first, second and third year of your business will only be estimations, but they are important as well. A business shaman I know likes to say „Money loves attention.“ Giving attention to the money you want to make with your business to have a sustainable income is like calling it in.

The Businessplan Is Your Guideline That Carries You

Writing a businessplan doesn’t mean that the plan will come true like you wrote it. A plan is a preparation for you so that you know who you are, what your business is about in detail, what your specialties are and where you want to go in terms of creating products/services and income. Your prices will change over time. Your products/services as well. The timing of certain activities might change. But you can just intuitively follow your guidance in carrying out your business, because you have written a guideline, the businessplan, that carries you.

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