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Codependency And How To Heal It

Codependency is a set of behaviour patterns that show up in your whole life, be it in your finances, work/career life, love life, friendships, relationships and how you go about your day and everything in your life. Codependency is how you live your life, if you have that behaviour.

Codependency Stems From Childhood

Codependency stems from childhood. You have likely had over-controlling, probably abusive and/or substance addicted parents who were also codependent. They were likely emotionally unavailable, so that you had no emotional support and may even have been parenting your parents.

That’s when you learned to put everyone else‘s needs before yours and that you are not allowed to make decisions on your own and instead always have to ask someone whether it’s o.k. to do what you want to do. And mostly it would have been not o.k. to do what you wanted.

Due to no emotional support you had numerous situations in your childhood that were too much for you to process as a child. So you have suppressed them, as that is what happens with what a child cannot comprehend and process. This will lead to all sorts of repeating problems and dramas and traumas in your adult life, simply because your soul wants you to look at, feel and heal the underlying trauma.

Codependency Can Be Healed And Unlearned

Everything can be healed. That also applies to codependency. And I speak from experience. But such a complex set of unhealthy behaviour will not be gone with just one session of coaching or healing. You need to realise that if you are codependent, it shows up in your whole life and you have to unlearn a lot and learn a whole new set of behaviours in all areas of your life.

Codependency means that you have energies, people, stuff, thinking and behaviour patterns everywhere that need to be cleared out and changed. There’s a number of ways you can do that and from my own experience I recommend a combination of several.

I Recommend A Combination of Healing Modalities

One is Energy Clearing in all areas of your life. Second is working with angels in all areas in your life. Third is trauma healing, because when you heal the underlying trauma one by one, the problem it causes in your current reality disappears. Fourth is natural healing for all issues that your body has because of it.

There are probably a number of ways for healing trauma. The most effective ones I know are the Completion Process by Teal Swan. I always combine that with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters. And the other one is osteopathy which super effectively releases trauma that is stored in the body.

Natural healing can be everything from Reiki to homeopathy, plant based medicine, detoxification. But I would recommend to work with a practitioner who is able to test kinesiologically or with other vibrational biofeedback tests what‘s going on in your body and what your body needs specifically at any given time.

Here’s How I Can Help You

Healing codependency is a journey, but I can tell from my own experience that it can be done. And I can help you with parts of it by teaching you Energy Clearing, pointing you towards codependent behaviours and helping you to change them, teaching you how to work with angels in your whole life and guiding you through trauma healing processes with Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters.

Take the Energy & Clutter Clearing Online Course to learn Energy Clearing and Trauma Healing.

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