Antje Roggemann Medium

Setting Boundaries With The Spirit World

I am repeatedly being asked or hear stories about deceased loved ones or other entities showing up in people’s energy fields without consciously having been invited.

Here’s what I have learned about this through personal experience. I have had those experiences too.

The spirit world is no different than the physical world in regards to who you allow to be with you and who you say No to. In other words, you need to set boundaries. No spirit, no deceased loved one, no nonphysical being is entitled to be in your space, communicate with you or unload their sh*t unto you without your consent.

If it happens, it’s usually a learning stage where you need to learn exactly that. To set boundaries and frankly, throw them out.

You can do this easily by saying:

„In the name of Jesus Christ and the highest light that there is, I now command every being that is not of the highest light to immediately leave my body, energy field and space NOW. Amen. And so it is.“ Say that out loud three times. That worked in all cases I have been asked to help.

You need to remember that your energy field is YOUR energy field. It is YOUR dominion. You need to take care of it. You need to set its boundaries and reinforce them. You need to clear it daily.

Recognizing other beings in one‘s own energy field is often one step of the ladder of growing sensitivity and sensing energies and other beings. It’s nothing to be scared of. It’s a learning step. The lesson is to set boundaries and reinforce them and keep them and clear your energies daily.

To dive deeper into Energy Clearing and developing better boundaries and a strong energy field, take the „Energy & Clutter Clearing Course“.

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