Antje Roggemann Medium

Reiki is getting a whole new meaning

Mid-January the Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters have emphasized the importance of Reiki and practicing energy healing modalities where we are the channel and are channeling energies through us.

While in the past Reiki was known as a method for healing yourself and others and going through a personal self-development process, it is now becoming a catalyst for massive change.

I have personally experienced last year by doing more Healing Sessions and Reiki attunements like never before, how this has not only cleared but massively charged my energy field, thus increasing the impact I have in sessions, attunements and anything I do. I have experienced these effects of consistent energy work on the energy field in other people too, i.e. my osteopath. The same happens when YOU consistently practice Reiki.

Now more emphasis is being put by Archangels and Ascended Masters on practicing being a channel and by doing so getting the ego mind out of the way and opening up to letting whole new levels of energy and whole new ideas and solutions for your life and the highest good of all flow through you.

When you practice Reiki every day, you practice being a channel every day. And channeling doesn’t just mean channeling messages like I do. If you move your ego ideas out of the way, your soul and God can channel through you a whole new way of life, a new business, new products and services, a new child, a new relationship, a new home, a new level of finances for your benefit and the highest good of all people and beings. This is the new meaning that Reiki is getting for us.

Learn Reiki Level 1-4 with me.


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