Antje Roggemann Medium

My 44th Year Of Life

As I am approaching my 44th birthday (September 18), I am in awe of my 44th year of life as it unfolded. For years I was shown this year of my life, but I never knew exactly what it would bring. Well, it brought one transformation after the other, more trauma release and the end of my 44 year trauma journey.

As I now work with clients who also experienced trauma, I finally understand why I made this journey. Not only do I find myself bringing up and transforming and releasing their trauma with my energy field, I also teach them everything I have learned on my healing journey to help them change their behaviors and lives.

I find myself doubting that there is anything other than trauma and pain, because that is what I have known mostly. But when I observe my current life, it is nothing but positive. I am being guided by Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. I experience healing on all levels in my life, at home, in business and finances, in my body and regarding relationships and the topic of family.

I choose to surrender what is most important to me to avoid any attachment to outcomes. I watch in amazement what’s happening and I have no idea how the divine orchestrates and times all this.

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